Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To Sarah Palin from the "Establishment"

Disclosure: I write this on the night of the Florida primary election results. Mitt Romney has won a historic landslide victory in the Sunshine state and in an attempt to temper the rhetoric and attacks he reached out to his opponents and saluted them as "gentlemen" and "serious and competent competitors". He focused his speech on the future and directed himself to President Obama, "Mr. President, you were elected to lead, you chose to follow, and now it's time for you to get out of the way!" Not to break with past performances, Newt Gingrich displayed no common courtesy or gentility in his concession speech. He failed to phone his opponents to congratulate them on their victories and went as far to urge one of them to retire from the race. If there is overabundant discord in this primary the responsibility falls squarely on the little man from Georgia and his confederates to whom I direct this post. I would have liked to direct my comments tonight towards the general election and Mr. Obama but since the signal has been sent from Mr. Gingrich that he will only be more bitter, more vengeful, and more discourteous I must point out some inaccuracies and fallacies that have been stated over the last two days. Let me also disclose that I am now, more than before, convinced that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to confront the President and the democrats this fall. I believe in Ron Paul and Rick Santorum but this victory and the Romney know-how seems to be the perfect storm that the President has been fearful of this campaign cycle. I will continue to urge Mr. Gingrich and his supporters to tone down the rhetoric and stop the attacks on free markets, capitalism, and meritocracy.

Now to some ridiculous statements from the former governor of The Last Frontier state.

The former Republican Vice Presidential nominee has made a flurry of rash accusations in the last two weeks against the "elite", the "establishment", and the "old guard" in defense of her preferred presidential nominee Newt Gingrich. While lacking the political courage to formally endorse she has on multiple occasions come to the aid of the struggling former congressman to no avail.
When attacking the "establishment" Mrs. Palin fails to recognize that as the former governor of Alaska and the former Vice Presidential nominee for the GOP against Barak Obama. By definition she is the very core of the establishment. That makes her more establishment than nearly anyone including Matt Drudge the ultimate outsider whom she has wrongfully attacked as the elite media. Simply because she lost the election and has chosen celebrity over office does not make her any less a part of the establishment. She attacks men and women in the media and elected office that have more character and honor than she demonstrates by playing politics and tacitly endorsing Newt Gingrich without committing to the candidate fully. It is cowardly and shows the worst side of career politicians that fear being on the wrong side of history and without a paycheck. Like John McCain said, "Courage matters."
Palin goes on to criticize the "old guard" for their "Stalin-esque rewriting of history." One thing she shares with Newt is a propensity for hyperbole and epithets to attack anyone that holds a contrary opinion than her own. Stalin-esque? Really? Part of the problem with people like Mrs. Palin and Mr. Gingrich is they don't understand that words mean something. How can she compare Bob Dole to Stalin? Nearly as absurd is Gingrich calling Mitt Romney a Massachusetts liberal that is pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-tax increase, and anti-religion. Words carry meaning and blatant lies and false comparisons are despicable i.e. worthy of contempt or scorn; vile.
Mrs. Palin further criticizes the old guard, those closest to Ronald Reagan during his tenure in office, including: Reagan's Vice President George H. Bush, Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State Ellitot Abrams, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, former Majority Whip Tom Delay, former House Majority Leader Dick Army, former Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott, Reagan speech writer Pat Buchanan, Reagan biographer Lou Cannon, and anyone else who has the audacity to voice concern about Mr. Gingrich or relate a negative narrative. Somehow, according to Palin, they are not entitled to their view of Mr. Gingrich. She would have us believe that she has a clearer picture of the former congressman during the Reagan administration even though she did not know the players nor was she yet the influential insiders that she is today. Demonstrating slight regard for the American electorate she has divorced reality and entered the realm of absurdity.

Running to defend Mr. Gingrich from Stalin-esque tactics the Gingrich campaign and others have relied on the former First Lady Nancy Reagan and a speech she gave in the mid 90's in which she says "Ronnie handed the torch to Newt". They sighted this clip as the ultimate evidence that Newt Gingrich is the heir of Reaganism hand picked by the Gipper himself and played the tape again and again to prove it. Now to their chagrin sources close to Nancy Reagan have said the former First Lady was not actually speaking about Newt personally but was referring to congress in general. They go on to say that the speech was not written by her at all but by the host of the Goldwater event where the speech was given. Foiled again!

Lastly, Mrs. Palin attacks the "elite". The former governor is part of Americas top earners. After being catapulted to the national scene as the Vice Presidential nominee of the GOP, Mrs. Palin has written best selling books making millions on her newly found fame. She is reported to be paid upwards of $100,000 dollars per speaking engagement and requires more than your average Hollywood super star including first class or private jet flying arrangements (nothing smaller than a Lear Jet 60), a suite and two single rooms in a "deluxe" hotel, a laptop and fully stocked printer, bottles of water with bendy straws, and all meals and incidentals must be covered as well. And let's not forget that upon becoming the nominee for the conservative party she spent over $150,00 dollars on European designer clothes and handbags with RNC money. Mrs. Palin is hardly in a position to slight the "elite".
She is the very essence of the elite establishment. Mrs. Palin could call just about anyone in government or the media and they would take her call. With one call she could have a nationally televised press conference. If that isn't an insider with access to the highest pinnacles of power I don't know what is. Her grass roots down to earth persona has been totally corrupted by greed, ambition, and fame. Tonight the people of Florida spoke loudly and Mrs. Palin and Newt Gingrich have shown no respect for the electorate and continue to drive discord into the GOP and the presidential primary. Untruths and falsehoods must be confronted and treated like the desperate political lies that they are. Mitt Romney, taking the high road said tonight that, "A competitive primary does not divide us. It prepares us". By that standard Mitt Romney will be the most prepared candidate of all time since his GOP rivals are taking their cues directly from the DNC playbook.


Monique Manna said...

Very well written! An right on SPOT!

Terrye said...

When Palin gave that speech at the Republican National Convention, I was so impressed with her. I thought she was the real deal.

Now, 3 and half years later, I turn off the TV when I see her come on.

Anonymous said...

Another great post. Keep writing!


Anonymous said...

I wish she was smart enough to pilot that space craft carrying newt and his 3 daughters to the moon to establish their own planet. But I'll settle for her just being a passenger.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid post... there are so many assumptions and false statements in this article that after reading it, I was instantaneously reminded why i left this site... THANKS for the reminder.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jersey, it is Palin's statements from the past few days that are full of assumptions and lies. No one is calling her on them, so this is refreshing.

But, I hope you don't leave again.


RosaMaria said...

Mrs. Palin, will be forgotten soon.

Deila Taylor said...

I welcome Tina Fey's impersonations of Palin after watching and listening to Palin's ridiculous commentary. In the words of Woody Allen, I think dissent and commentary have merged and created dysentery.

Publius Nemo said...

jerseyrepublican, More than happy to hear your view on the Palin comments. I don't think "what a stupid post" builds your case very well. This is an open forum and no one would bully you for voicing your opinion. This is mine. The tent is big my friend. If you're a republican there is room in it for you, me, and Mrs. Palin. I just want to point out what I see as hypocrisy. Ready for your rebuttal friend. Peace jerseyrepublican.

Slick-Willy said...

Jersey - You are a clown. Good riddance.

People of character stand up and fight. Cowards slur and run because they know they cannot win the battle. This is a battle of ideas and this post is spot on. You can slur it Newt-style by saying the post is full of "assumptions and false statements" w/o pointing out a single one or you could argue specific points of where this post went wrong and back it up.

There's a reason Newt calls Mitt "pro-abortion," "pro-gun-control," a "liberal" and a "liar," w/o explaining specifics. He knows he can't win the argument and he knows he's losing the war. His wanting character requires that he slander & flee the scene. You appear to understand this necessity.

Anonymous said...

I rarely stray from a challenge and it was probably a little rude of me to make a blanket statement without backing it up.

So here is why your post is both stupid and misleading...

The core argument in your thesis is that Sarah Palin is the establishment that she publicly denounces. Anyone who knows anything about Republican politics knows that Sarah Palin has been an outsider her entire political career and especially a Washington outsider since her Republican Convention, Vice Presidential speech... not because her speech wasn't amazing... it was but because that was the moment when the Democrats and their journalist flunkies decided it was time to really destroy her. They started the day of her announcement but put it into full gear the moment she walked off that stage.

To suggest just because she was the Governor of Alaska and a former Presidential candidate makes her the establishment is ridiculous and ill-conceived. Did you know there is a rumor that Palin couldn't find staff because the hierarchy of the upper echelon of the Republican Party warned campaign staffers NOT to go and work for her... or else? I know we don't deal in rumors but that rumor has more merit than the breakdown you provided, to attempt, to claim with a pounding of your fist that Sarah Palin is the establishment.

Your proof that she is a part of the establishment is because she is also a media figure and that she has enough support and garners enough attention that she can get any meeting or call a press conference any minute of any day of the week... that doesn't make her part of the establishment that just makes her newsworthy.


Anonymous said...

Next you go into a notion that since she is "tacitly endorsing Gingrich," that she is a coward because she is trying to cherry pick the nomination without fully endorsing a candidate. She has repeatedly said that she doesn't want the nomination just handed to Romney after 4 contests... or anyone for that matter. She has repeatedly said that a contested primary will help the eventual nominee. If you have followed anything about her career you would know that Sarah Palin is about democracy and she believes it is the people's right to pick the nominee...not just the people in New Hampshire and Florida but all of the people that choose to vote in the Republican Primaries.

You either have never heard her say that or you are calling her a liar? I believe you are calling her a liar which I have a problem with and which is one of the reasons I rarely visit this site. Non-Romney supporters are supposed to believe that Romney was not the very, moderate Governor of Massachussetts because both he and his supporters say it isn't so... he is a Conservative and that's that.

The base is supposed to believe him, yet his supporters refuse to believe anything any other politician, media personality or candidate says that doesn't tow the Romney line?


Then you go on to list a bunch of names from the Reagan Administration that Palin referred to as the "old guard," not specifically but in a general context because she chose some hyperbole in one interview that wasn't in favor of your guy. BTW, you might want to remove Tom Delay from that list... he doesn't help your point.

So you chose to write this post because Palin has sided with Gingrich in this one instance because his campaign used a speech from Nancy Reagan, in the nineties, where she said, "Ronnie handed the torch of conservatism to Newt." The whole thing is stupid... obviously Gingrich's team would use that snippet of the speech to prop himself up and obviously Romney's surrogate were going to find ways to negate it.

The problem with bloggers of your ilk is that you are too emotionally involved in the outcome of this race to have any reasonable critical review of the situation. Palin took Gingrich's side and said she would vote for him if she lived in Florida or Nevada... now you must try your hardest to take Palin out... good grief.

Finally you claim to know her heart by asserting, "her grass roots down to earth persona has been totally corrupted by greed, ambition, and fame." Do you personally know Sarah Palin? How is it you know that she has been corrupted? That's a pretty heavy charge. Why not take her at her word... like we are supposed to take Governor Romney?

But you didn't stop there... you continued to proclaim, "tonight the people of Florida spoke loudly and Mrs. Palin and Newt Gingrich have shown no respect for the electorate and continue to drive discord into the GOP and the presidential primary."

Are you serious?

You ended your diatribe with this final quote by Mitt Romney, "a competitive primary does not divide us. It prepares us."

FYI, this has been Palin's argument all along... in fact that quote is so close to what Palin has said, so many times during this process, that Romney could be accused of plagiarism.

When your friends in Romney spent the entire past 3 and a half years using Liberal talking points to discredit Governor Palin I didn't hear you stand up and denounce it, so spare us your hypocritical outrage.


Publius Nemo said...

jersyrepublica, I appreciate your comments and I'm pleased to see your rebuttal in this open forum. We have different views when it comes to Mrs. Palin obviously but the the bigger issue is to take back the White House, downsize government, and get our fiscal house in order. Hope to see you in the Big Tent this fall with Sarah Palin. Peace and Plenty, PN

Anonymous said...

What a congenial reply... I took the time to dissect your post... is it not cordial for you to do the same to my reply? This is an open forum... let's hear what you think of my thoughts.

BTW, I won't be voting for Newt any sooner that I would vote for Romney... they are both flawed candidates that cannot beat an incumbent President with the resources President Obama has.


Publius Nemo said...

JerseyRepublican, I will retort but without the argumentum ad hominem. I do not think you or your position is stupid. I think that sort of language is below us. Now to your request.

I still have to argue that any governor or vice presidential nominee of a national party is in fact part of the so called establishment in some way or another. Rejection of a candidate or public figure does negate them to the past and make them more of an outsider than victorious ones I will concede. Jimmy Carter, a former governor and president, was part of the establishment but was ultimately rejected and faded into history. Could he call himself an outsider having been the head of state on two occasions? A loss in an election doesn't negate the fact that it was your show and you were the establishment at least for a time. I think this is the case with Mrs. Palin. At any rate one has to concede that she was more of an insider than 99.9% of the country. Numerically this has to be the case. There are only 50 state governors and there is only one VP nominee every four years. The so called republican establishment embraced her at least in those two instances. After the defeat of 2008 and early exit from office she no longer represents any constituancy but still holds considerable sway within the party. But let's not forget that the people Mrs. Palin was attacking as the establishment were those that voiced opposition and concern at the possibility of Gingrich nomination. To accuse Pat Buchanan, Matt Drudge, and Lou Cannon as "establishment" is a departure from reality. She is more establishment than they are.

Next point of disagreement is the tacit endorsement of Newt Gingrich which I have called cowardly. She has said after South Carolin, a stunning victory for the former speaker I might add, that she wants to see this thing keep going and persuaded people to vote for Mr. Gingrich in Florida and Nevada. What does she think consecutive wins from SC and FL would spell? The race would be over and Mr. Gingrich would have all the momentum for the nomination. It is dishonest to say otherwise. Consistent back to back to back wins is how the nomination is won. She said, "annoy a liberal and vote for Newt". Why not Santorum, Paul, or Romney? Liberals have no lover for them either. My opinion is she should back a candidate or run herself. To do otherwise is cowardly and smacks of self-interest political jostling. Like I said that is my opinion and worth what you paid for it. In fact this entire post is simply one man's read on her comments. I don't speak for this site or anyone other than myself.

Publius Nemo said...

Lastly the hyperbole of the old guard attacks. I agree with you. Her hyperbole does tarnish her ability to accurately attack. How can she invoke "old guard" just as former Reagan administration personnel released there unflattering opinions of the former speaker? Who else should we assume she is attacking? She also said it was "Stalin-esque rewritings of history". Her own post says that. If we follow her logic Bob Dole employs Stalin-esque rewrites of history. That's utterly absurd to write but she did. Hyperbole get's you into trouble 9 times out of 10. Stalin and Hitler comparisons are rarely fitting. Ron Paul made one this week that fell flat. Newt Gingrich made one about Reagan and Gorbachev in the late 80's. It's not appropriate unless you are talking about North Korea and alike. You also say that Romney surrogates turned the Nancy Reagan tape against Mr. Gingrich. Nancy Reagan's own people wanted to clarify her words so they wouldn't be used by Mr. Gingrich. Old guard out to get Newt one might say but I see it different.

As for the rest I believe she has chosen to enrich herself over civic duty. It's a choice and I do not condemn it. After all I am a big believer in capitalism, free markets, and meritocracy. I just see it as disingenuous for her to speak as one of us little people against the elite establishment when she has herself become very elite. Most of us have zero access to a national forum and few of us make the kind of money she does. I don't think she speaks for us. I think she does what is best for Sarah. I could be wrong.

I hope that I am wrong. I hope she will support the nominee. I certainly will even if it is Newt Gingrich or even Sarah Palin. The most important thing this year is to elect someone that can downsize government, restore our credit, remove restrictions, and reshape the country to be jobs/investment friendly once again. I hope that you will be a part of the push in Jersey and elsewhere. You are sorely needed. I have no beef to pick with you. I appreciate your passion. I think you have lots to offer. My only real important disagreement with you is that I know we can beat the incumbent this year. Any of our candidates can and one of them will. Best Regards, PN

Anonymous said...

Jersey -

On some days I might try to coddle you and win you over with ideas, but I don't feel like being nice today.

I do not care (at all) if you choose to vote or not. Let your conscience be your guide.

Your claim that a significant number of voters are likely to stay home is simply a foolish claim at this point. It's mere projection that is countered by all scientific data to date (polls). Continue sputtering about it if you wish, but it will be as baseless the next time you say it as it was the last time you said it.


Anonymous said...

As PN is entitled to his opinion... I am entitled to mine. I will admit my original response to PN was a little rude and for that I apologize and I never said that Romney would definitely have a problem with the base showing up at the polls, but it could happen and I don't think it is the smartest move for Romney supporters to create posts that alienate the very same voters he'll need in the general if he is our nominee.

But whatever... I don't have a dog in this fight.


Anonymous said...

She lost all my respect when she didn't go back to finish her duty as governor of AK after loosing to Obama. Instead, she went around the country became a celebrity making money. When all in that time her teenage daughter was getting pregnant, having baby and she still has all of her children home. Now, she wants to run for president?

Anonymous said...

@Jersey Palin called Republicans who disagree with her, "cannibals." Palin was commenting on setting the record straight that Gingrich not only was NOT a friend to Reagan, but during Reagan's time as President Gingrich blamed Reagan for increasing crime and illegitimacy rates. Gingrich said the blame for a failed foreign policy belonged first and foremost on President Reagan, and that Reagan's summit with Gorbachev was the most dangerous one since British Chamberlain met with Hitler. Gingrich is a phony Republican. He adores Heidi and Alvin Toffler and their book "The Third Wave." It is marxist and it derides the Constitution. And for telling people the truth about Gingrich Palin calls such Republicans, "cannibals." Palin won't even admit she is endorsing the man (Gingrich) who she sent her husband Todd to endorse during the South Carolina caucus. She's completely lost her place of leadership by her fits. SC primary was hijacked by 31% of their vote coming from Democrats. Palin and Perry organized that nasty little tea party. And now Palin deserves every bit of the hailstorm coming down on her. She has no standing. McCain endorsed Romney. Who endorses Palin? Yuk. The quitter got her husband to endorse Gingrich, how lame is that? And who cares who he endorsed? As far as alienation, Palin deserves your concern, not postings from other Americans. She is the one who must come around, not those who win like Romney and his supporters. Palin is way out of line.