Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday Night Live: May Divorce Be With You

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Lionhead said...

Bosman, this is hilarious isn't it. Newt is a defective candidate, but look how in this skit, Mitt was draw in to it.

One of Newt's ideas is most valid even though he is a flawed messenger in delivering it. Here's a quick note regarding the "vaporized" money from MF Global. Newt's idea of weeding out the bad apples in the judiciary might include this bad actor:

This comes down to the "rule of law" issue. No man or organization can be above it. This is a bedrock conservative value.

In the mean time, Obama has the power to manage visa applications for visitors to make the US economy look better for the election. Note the paradigm change on that Toyota ad from West to East.

This issue is not being addressed, yet it is another fundamental long time survival issue for the USA. Twas I a candidate, I would be talking about reversing this trend.

Anonymous said...

bosman....this is funny but its the kind of sh** that the liberals spread to make uninformed voters love Obama even more...and look at the GOP like a bunch of weirdos...

newark hawk said...

Back in the day, SNL made Ronald Reagan look like a bumbling old fool, rather than the smart, inspirational, transformative leader that he truly was.

A few years later, SNL made Bill Clinton look like a handsome, charming, loveable rogue, rather than the fat, filthy, serial adulterer, sexual harrasser that he truly was.

SNL's severe liberal bias makes it virtually unwatchable for me and millions of other conservative Americans, which perhaps explains the show's plummeting ratings.