Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rasmussen Polls: Romney does best against Obama in MONTANA & PENNSYLVANIA

Head-To-Head (MONTANA):

Mitt Romney 48% (+7)
Barack Obama 41%

Rick Santorum 45% (+4)
Barack Obama 41%
A survey of 500 likely voters was conducted February 22, 2012. The MOE is +/-4.5%.

Barack Obama 45%
Mitt Romney 44% (-1)

Barack Obama 46%

Rick Santorum 40% (-6)
A survey of 438 likely voters was conducted February 8-23, 2012. The MOE is +/-4.5%.

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Anonymous said...

And let’s make no mistake about it — when Pennsylvanians sent Rick packing from the Senate, we made him THE BIGGEST LOSER in recent Senate history.
We were unequivocal in our rejection of Santorum. He lost by 18 points, the biggest loss for a sitting U.S. Senator since 1980.
So can Santorum — a politician who engenders such strong and negative feelings in the voters of his home state — truly believe that those home state voters are going to sit quietly on the sidelines while he tries to persuade Republican primary voters in other states that he’s their best choice the be the leader of the free world, when we didn’t even think he was our best choice to represent Pennsylvania in the Senate?
Let’s just cut to the chase here — he’s underestimated our resolve to spread the truth about Rick Santorum’s record and his agenda for America.
Just for starters, we’d like to share a list of the top reasons that Rick Santorum became Pennsylvania’s BIGGEST LOSER (and trust us, we have many, many more to share as this presidential primary season — and Rick’s candidacy — marches on.

Anonymous said...

Let all your frineds in Tx know that Rick voted against hiring 1,000 new border patrol agents.

Anonymous said...

Believe Rick's 15 minutes are about over. Someone tell him!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand someone who votes for rik... Obama will win against him with a landslide ...