Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pundits On Romney

Chris Matthews on Romney Victory Speech: "Lacked soul, was a business proposition".

PN: We already have a soul man singing Al Green and B.B. King in the White House. I'm thrilled about the prospect of having a businessman as president. Great speeches don't fix problems. It's high time we let a professional problem solver fix the nation and economy.

Eugene Robinson On Romney: "There is no magic in his words".

PN: We don't need magic! We need math. We don't need a sleight of hand magician to distract the masses. We need a hard hitting accountant type with a calculator to put the country back to work. Enter Mitt.

PN: Defeated President Barack Obama won't be mocking Romney's narrow victory in November.

Anne Coulter: "I think we have had enough of hip. Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let's try square for a while."

PN: Agreed!

Step back from election politics and ask yourself the following hypothetical question: If I had to trust my children's college tuition (inheritance if you think college is too "snobbish" like Santorum) to one of the contenders, who would I trust to make the most of it? Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, Obama, or Romney? I would invest my kids money and future with the most consistent and successful one of the bunch. Gingrich might spend your kid's money on moon bases or his love of country i.e. girls. Santorum will possibly throw it at the bridge to nowhere and borrow on top of it. Paul will trade it in for gold which could go either way. Obama will invest it based on ideology and green techs like Solindra. Romney on the other hand is the only candidate that has discipline, consistency, and successful experience in business. I'd mortgage the house to invest with Romney to which he would wisely counsel, "never borrow against your house to invest." Let's get the financial guy to steer the helm for a while and get our credit back, our jobs back, our deficit down, and our taxes lowered. Our kids will thank us for it.

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dgenetaylor said...

Wow. Nicely done.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Love the format, love the opinion even more.

Lionhead said...

Publius Nemo, if you think Romney's such as great financial wizard, why is he going broke?

"Money has become an acute challenge for Romney, who was forced to devote significant resources to fending off Rick Santorum and his other GOP rivals in February. The former Massachusetts governor had less than $8 million on hand at the end of January and has almost certainly burned through most or all of that since then. His campaign spent at least $2.3 million in February just on advertising in Michigan and Ohio, according to a GOP strategist who tracks ad spending.

To sock away cash, Romney has been tacking fundraising events onto his schedule. He raised money in Daytona Beach, Fla., during a visit last weekend to ­NASCAR’s Daytona 500 race. In Michigan, he invited top donors to a reception Tuesday night as the state’s returns were coming in. On Thursday night, Romney will attend a fundraiser in Bellevue, Wash., and he has scheduled major fundraisers in Florida and New York in March. Another major event has been tentatively set for later in the month in Washington."

Santorum just 3% down in Michigan whilst Mitt spends like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Maybe it's time for him to start using his money vs. other people's money to finance himself in the future.

Alternatively, you big shots here can put your money where his mouth is to support him. Maybe sell a Cadillac or two to keep him in the style he's accustomed to. ;)

Reading this article gives me serious doubts as to managing the Gov'ts monies. Same problem: other people's money that he spends way to freely.

Sorry guyz, I ain't buying this big spending progressive from Massachusetts. Send him your $2500 soonest.

Big E said...

Already have given my full 2500 to Romney Lyin' head.

So your loser Santo cherry picks a state, goes all in on this primary state, loses the state by over 11 pts amongst repubs, is in now deeply in the red (over a million in debts going for one primary state the loser lost), had to robocall dumbocrats to try and drag his useless *ss across the finish line, AND STILL LOSES HUGE IN TWO STATES IN TWO SEPARATE PRIMARIES!

What a loser candidate for an increasingly unimportant slice of the repub party, the ABRs.

I gave my 2500 to Romney, what have you given Santo but the shine on and the foolishness that he could actually win a single thing worth having.

Did you hear his talk last night? 'I LOVE YOU BACK' he says! Santo blew a 15 pt lead and he thinks the state loves him? Santo is delusional as are his rabid followers ( who have been solidly behind him for almost 3 weeks, gosh Lyin' Head that's almost 22 days).

You are a perfect fit for Santo Lyin' Head, a silly poster for a silly candidate.

Now get off the web and give your 2500 to your latest ABR Lyin' Head!

Machtyn said...

Good job, PN. Although the term is sleight of hand. Sleight being a clever or skillful trick or deception. Sleight of hand being what magicians are very practiced and skilled at.

Publius Nemo said...

Machtyn-Good catch. Gracias!

Anonymous said...

Lionhead, excuse me, but isn't that the way it's supposed to work--to actually spend the money people donate so that you can win?

I've been donating to Romney a lot lately, but I'm not anywhere near the limit. I'll do what I can because I think it's important.


Lionhead said...

Big E, I must have drilled down into one of your molars. ;) The argument remains you matter what you or I give to our candidates. Personally, I'm keeping my powder dry for the brokered convention after everyone realizes Romney can't win. Patience is a virtue as the high rollin' Mississipi gambler goes all in on his campaign. One day, he'll be tapped out, fresh out of suckers to bankroll him.

Publius Nemo said...

Lionhead-You are wrong on a couple points. First, you state that Mitt barely won by 3 points. If you rationally do the math and take out the Obama Democrats meddling in Republican primaries to hurt Mitt he would have won by at least 7. Second, campaign money is meant to be spent to win more delegates. Mitt is doing that better than anybody else. It isn't suppose to be invested for a return. Lastly, you assume to much about people and obviously project your own actions on others. I am a donor to Mitt's campaign and the PAC Restore Our Future. I am also a business owner, job creator, and investor. I care deeply about policy that affects business and of course the future generation. I don't see anyone else with the kind of positive experience that Mitt brings. Peace and Plenty, PN

Anonymous said...

I bet Lionhead keeps his "powder" dry for pizza.

Anonymous said...

LionHead, get your head from out of RW's lap.