Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pick Rick

Here's Senator Rick Santorum addressing the "Ending Spending" group with solid plans to reduce Gov't spending:

And here Sen. Santorum 'resonating' with voters in Colorado this week. This man displays non of the aloofness of the two 'mainstream' candidates, Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama. One could easily sit down & enjoy a favorite beverage with this man.  Go Rick!


Anonymous said...

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Uneven as a Senator, Santorum Not Perceived as Presidential

Anonymous said...

Send thrills up the legs of the Whitehouse!!! Vote for Santorum...

Why does this guy even want to be President... other than to beat Mitt?

Since when did Mitt become the enemy?

I thought we wanted to get Obama out, not prove Mormonism wrong?

How did a political race become about what church you go to.

There is nothing to sell Santorum once Romney is gone... nothing. He has no experience, other than being a failded career poltician who helped run up our debt both from being a member of Congress and a lobbyist!

You really like anyone is going to vote for a lobbyist over Obama?

No. Santroum can't even get his taxes out... he has no financial chops.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we must judge a person by whether we'd like to drink with them? Shallow, man, shallow.

leighrow said...

Golly Gee....I really wish old Rickie would have got on his "quit spending kick" when he was Senator under GWB. This country would have been trillions less in debt:).

The Tea Party came about as a revolt to Republicans like Rick who promoted themselves as fiscal conservatives but spent like liberal Democrats for all of their pork projects and wonderful government programs. Ask Ron Paul...he was there in the House at the time.

Santorum is just another lame ABR candidate.

newark hawk said...

"Rick Santorum was defeated in his 2006 Senate re-election bid by 19 points, the worst trouncing of an incumbent Senator in modern times. He then decides he's going to run for President. How does that work?"-Donald Trump

Terrye said...

I was reading part of an interview with Santorum in which he felt the need to opine on gay people...I think he called them sodomites...oh yes...even if the sex was between two consenting adults it was no different than man on child or man on dog.

Weird...and his wife has some interesting history too..and apparently since it is okay to go after Romney any way he can, including lying his sanctimonious ass off then it will be perfectly okay fine to look into Rick's life, personal life, history, family's history, votes, finances, friendships, business associations, past statements etc...after all, why should he be given any breaks?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Santorum has taken a page from Romania’s Ceausescu! The "decree" has begun.

27. “The Social Security system, in my opinion, is a flawed design, period. But having said that, the design would work a lot better if we had stable demographic trends. We don’t have enough workers to support the retirees . . . A third of the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion.“ ~Rick Santorum,

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:12. The truth of the matter is that America will die without young people. What really makes a country great is young people who are successfully taught to be productive in society. Abortion certainly has cost our society the loss of many young people. I believe that is part of the reason why the gov't (secretly) won't enforce immigration laws--we have to have a workforce. I don't agree with the immigration policies, as I live in a border state, but I do understand how a country dies without children.

Japan and much of Western Europe have populations that are aging to the point where they have basically committed suicide as a country. In Europe, the muslims are taking more and more control. In case you hadn't noticed, THEY DON'T USE BIRTH CONTROL. In America, we have mostly Latinos who come. They also produce children. Of course, we have a few groups in America to thank for trying to replace our aging population. They are devout Catholics, Evangelicals, and yes *gasp* Mormons. Unfortunately, we have a few drug addicts going at it, as well.

I am actually not Catholic and not an advocate against all types of birth control. I do not advocate that all abortion be against the law. I respect Catholics and am angered by the new HHS decisions to force Catholics and other religious groups to conform to their decrees.

I DO propose that abortion not be viewed as an acceptable form of birth control. I also think that every form of persuasion should be used to convince women who find themselves pregnant and in difficult circumstances to consider adoption as a realistic alternative to aborting the baby or raising the baby without adequate support or resources. Perhaps we even need to change some of our welfare laws to encourage marriage and try to find ways to stop the government taking over the father's role in a child's life.

This is turning into a much longer comment than I intended it to be. Maybe I'll write a post about it some time.

Social Security can only hope to function if there are four workers for every person receiving benefits. As such, we simply don't have enough people working to sustain it as is. Disability and other benefits added to it have increased the liability of it even more.

I, personally, don't really like the way Rick "I am holier than you" Santorum communicates, but it is true that we will die as a country without children. Period. That knowledge does not equate a person with Romania's Ceausescu.

Rick's communication skills have really turned me off. He may be great in person, but he has actually offended me frequently in his t.v. appearances, and I am a person far more likely to agree with him than most. He actually turned me off when he was a senator, as well, which is probably why he lost in 2006 by such a wide margin. Romney actually is better in person, as well, but I'm sure Lionhead will never give him credit for it. I don't think Rick connects as well as you think, Lionhead, but you can keep hoping.


Anonymous said...

We have plenty of workers. There simply aren't enough jobs. Where would all these young people be working if they WERE here? And what kind of poverty would they have been raised in?

Exactly! Where would all these young people be working if they WERE here? And what kind of poverty would they have been raised in?