Sunday, February 12, 2012

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Mitt Romney won the Maine caucuses

He's not taking anymore CRAP from anyone:

A heckler in Maine confronts Romney on fracking:

Another heckler in Maine on Romney's of shore accounts:

I really like this aggressive side of Mitt. I hope to see him use it more often in the future.

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reagangirl said...

Was the heckler a Ron Paul supporter or a Liberal hack. I live in Western Colorado where fracking is a common practice and there is little to none environmental damage done by the process. The clean up is easy, the fracking fluids go through a process to purify them, the chemicals are generally harmless, and the companies who use it always clean up and reclaim their drilling pads. FRACK YOU LADY.

Machtyn said...

But don't you know? Fracking causes earthquakes and tsunamis!!1! OH NOES!!!

Anonymous said...

He also had a great exchange with a young man about capitalism. there are short clips on the internet but the whole exchange is worth the price of admission. I think it may have been in NH. Hope you can find it and post it.

Romney was great. The young man, who only had a little bit of knowledge was taken to school by Romney, all off the cuff.