Saturday, February 4, 2012

Newt Gingrich to hold a Press Conference at 11PM EST...What will he say? (Poll)

11:00PM...Oh My.....What could it be? Please give a guess below:

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Jed M. Merrill said...

I predict that Newt drops out, Callista leaves Newt, proposes to be President Romney's "Second Lady" at the White House, and Romney refuses because he loves Ann and Mormons haven't practiced polygamy since 1890.

Truthfully, I wish Newt and Callista the best, but I don't see a path forward for Newt from here. Both Florida and Nevada are swing states, and have voted overwhelmingly against Newt and for Mitt. FOX picked the WRONG person to prop up the last few weeks. Mitt is it!

Machtyn said...

Several thoughts.

1. Gingrich drops out and endorses Mitt Romney. He's seen the light and decides to no longer split the GOP. (HIGHLY unlikely)

2. Gingrich drops out and announces a 3rd party candidacy in the TEA Party

3. Gingrich drops out and endorses no one.

4. Gingrich drops out and endorses Santorum. He has finally come to the realization that Santorum dropping out only increases Romney's lead. But if he drops out, nearly all of his supporters go to Santorum. But is it enough with Santorum not qualifying for 3 or 4 states' ballots.

My fear is 2, he goes 3rd party. But we'll see.

Anonymous said...

The press conference is in lieu of a rally.