Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mr. Big Government & Earmarks vs. Mr. Massachusetts Health Care

Fresh off of Santorum's victory last night, Rick had this to say about Mitt Romney on CNN:
“Gov. Romney, ‘Mr. Outsider,’ was for government takeover of health care, was for government takeover of the private sector in the Wall Street bailout, and was for the government takeover of industry and energy with cap-and-trade,” Santorum said on CNN. “So ‘Mr. Private Sector’ was ‘Mr. Big Government’ when he was out there running.” (emphasis mine)
Is that funny or what?

Romney took over a state that was deep in debt, cut taxes and when he left we had a rainy day fund of 2 billion dollars. As to Romneycare, we went after freeloaders in our state who were forcing Massachusetts tax payers to pay for their emergency room treatments every time they wanted medical assistance. We also made sure that the 8% in our state that couldn't afford health Insurance had access to private insurance at affordable rates. The 92% who had health insurance prior to Romneycare had no changes. If that's big government it's big government in reverse. BIG GOVERNMENT seems to be a strange couple of words coming from the mouth of Rick Santorum.

Here is Rick on the Morning Joe, telling everyone what we need in a candidate to go up against President Obama:

I couldn't agree more Rick. UNFORTUNATELY, with YOUR RECORD and Love affair with big government, it ain't you!

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Terrye said...

The really disgusting thing is that people like Santorum did not have any problem at all with Romneycare when it passed..oh noooo, they thought it was a great idea..why the people from the Heritage Foundation showed up for the bill signing..and now like the back stabbers they are they change their minds.

As for the government takeover of Wall Street..I had not noticed that Wall Street has ceased to exist or that it had been taken over..and this is coming from a guy who voted 5 times to raise the debt ceiling.

Lori Patriot said...

Rick Santorums voting record on Waste:
Sponsored An amendment to increase Amtrak funds by $550 million
Voted to use HUD funds for the Joslyn Art Museum (NE), the Stand Up for Animals project (RI) and the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Project (WA)
Voted to increase spending on social programs by $7 billion
Voted to increase NIH funding by $1.6 billion.
Voted to increase NIHnding by $700 million
Voted to for a $2 million earmark to renovate the Vulcan Monument (AL)
Voted for a $1 billion bailout for the steel industry
Voted against requiring that highway earmarks would come out of a state’s highway allocation
Voted to allow Market Access Program funds to go to foreign companies.
Voted to allow OPIC to increase its administrative costs by 50%
Voted against transferring $20 million from Americorps to veterans.
Voted for the $140 billion asbestos compensation bill.
Voted against requiring a uniform medical criteria to ensure asbestos claims were legitimate.
Voted to increase community development programs by $2 billion.

Terrye said... about that..the man who claims that Romney bailed out Wall Street {how stupid is that}..actually voted to bail out the steel industry. hmmmmmm

Ohio JOE said...

" about that..the man who claims that Romney bailed out Wall Street {how stupid is that}..actually voted to bail out the steel industry. hmmmmmm" Neither of those industries should have been bailed out. As such both men are not as Conservative as some of us would like, but on balance, Mr. Santorum did not distort the markets quite as bad.

Lionhead said...

Yes, Bos, let's look at this argument. Big Government vs. Big HealthCare. Mr. Earmarks vs. Mr. Massachusetts. You've framed the issue well. Unfortunately, Mr. Big Gov't & Earmarks is the "new normal" for the USA. Is Rick Santorum the perfect candidate? No, but that brings us to the next issue, Big HealthCare from Mr. Massachusetts. There in lies the rub for Mr. "M" & the popularity of Rick Santorum. Why? Because the majority of Americans oppose Obama Care. It's just that simple.

Now, we can argue all day point-counter point on the Health Care issue(s), but realize that Romney Care was in fact the model for Obama Care. Hence, Mr. M's biggest problem. So, going into the Fall, we'll have two Progressive candidates should Mr. M win, that are going to never address the Obama Care issue. Obama because it's his signature legislative achievement as President, and Mr. M because it's his signature achievement as Governor. It's the deafening silence of O-Mitt vs. O-bama. Both "mainstream" candidates will not address the issue the voting electorate absolutely does not want, was forced down their throats on a cram down, and now is supposed to choose either O-Mitt or O-bama to dismantle. Talk about lunacy by the GOP establishment, here it is on full display for all to see. Mr. Santorum at least offers to high-light this & wisely has decided it needs to go, as Obama Care is the most un-conservative program that could ever be devised because it completely destroys personal freedoms & choices.

So, the more informed voters will see this ruse for what it is, a "rope-a-dope" issue, because if they elect either "mainstream" candidate, O-Mitt or O-bama, the result will be the extension of the Obama Care Law. O-Mitt will say he will dismantle it, but one of his lieutenants has stated otherwise. Words by candidates are not as persuasive as their actions while in office. Mr. M's record is clear. The ghost of Teddy Kennedy haunts Mr. M & will do so forever on this healthcare issue. The picture of the Romney Care signing ceremony is seared into every conservatives brain.

Kim said...

I see a Mitt Romney ad in the works with Santorum using the term Big Government against Romney, then Santorum's voting record being checked off. One vote after another.

Not a smart move on Santorum's part to try and draw a comparison.

He loses big time.

Bob said...

Santorum is a pompous hypocrite.

Thank you for the link to hus pork fest record.

Terrye said...


I do not think that Romneycare is the model for Obamacare..I think that is an oversimplification and ignores all the differences between the two, and there are many...but you are overlooking a larger point..People like Santorum supported the Mass plan...if they did not like it or if they had not supported it Romney might not have had the Heritage Foundation helped write the if you want to ignore all the differences fine..but keep in mind that the basis for Romneycare was a conservative concept that was supported by many of the conservatives trashing it today..which makes them least Romney has been honest about the whole thing which is more than can be said for people like Santorum.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..but one difference..Romney did not vote to bail anyone out...Santorum did. He also supported raising the debt ceiling five times.

Terrye said...

And I do not care what someone who might be associated with Romney supposedly said...if Romney says he will go after Obamacare then I have just as much faith in that as I do in anything Rick Santorum might say on the subject.

BTW, it might take years to completely dismantle Obamacare and Congress might even decide to keep provisions on issues like pre existing conditions.

sal said...

Stupid move on Rick's part.

Brings attention to his biggest problem, his record.

Isn't that how we're supposed to judge people? Or does that only apply to Romney?

leighrow said...

Someone please tell Santorum that Romney was not even governor during the time of the Wall street bailouts and Romney unlike Santorum never spent anytime working for the federal government so how is Romney responsible for the Wall street bailouts. Romney has been quite vocal in his opposition to the auto bailout and the mortgage bailout and has taken heat for those positions from the DNC.

Santorum's talking points are nothing but manufactured lies and Romney's team had better pounce on him for his dishonesty. The media won't correct Santorum so it is up to Romney to set the record straight asap.

Anonymous said...

I came on hoping you would have a good post for us today, Bos. Thanks!

I guess Santorum needs a little "vetting" now; have fun, Rick!


Anonymous said...

While we’re on the subject of ObamaCare, MassCare (a/k/a RomneyCare), and the individual mandate, I refer you to an historical look-back by Wendell Potter, former VP of Communications and official spokesman for CIGNA Corporation. See link below.

“Individual Mandate: Republicans Were for It Before They Were Against It. In Fact, It Was Their Idea” (Wendell Potter 10/20/2011).

Until 2008 Wendell was the go-to guy for all corporate communications at CIGNA on critical issues of “healthcare reform.” His job was to put the best possible face on the health insurance industry’s efforts to fight state and federal legislation that would require a single payer system, employer mandates, mandated health benefits, guaranteed issue (i.e., no exclusions based on preexisting conditions), or rate regulation.

In the high-stakes game of inevitable healthcare reform, the so-called “individual mandate” was largely supported by the insurance industry, employers, and their lobbyists. The individual mandate was widely seen as the pre-condition of financially-sound, private-sector universal healthcare coverage. That support has obviously gone underground, with the backlash to ObamaCare.

After leaving CIGNA in 2008, Wendell turned against the very health insurance practices that he had previously defended as a corporate executive. Call it a conversion, call it a flip-flop, call it a betrayal. I’m neither praising nor condemning Wendell. He’s not the story—but he certainly does know the story. And it’s a lot more complicated, self-serving, and disingenuous than the high-minded defenders of individual liberty would now have us believe. And that group includes our new Republican candidate du jour, Rick Santorum.

Anonymous said...

Lori P said...

The chart compares Obama Care to voter/legislature/court/Heritage Foundation approved Massachusetts Care that is mistakenly called Romney Care. Obama rammed through his Apollo Foundation (owned by Soros) take over health plan. Romney did not. Romney hired experts to consult on it and Obama hired those experts to blacken Romney's eye and put stink on him. Don't fall for the oldest trick in the "Rules For Radicals" book - spread lies as truth and truth as lies.