Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michigan Tea Party leaders endorse Mitt Romney

Posted from Mitt Romney's website:
Mitt Romney today announced the support of Tea Party leaders in Michigan.

“In my campaign, I have fought for the conservative principles of lower spending, lower taxes and less government intrusion into our lives and our businesses,” said Mitt Romney. “The Tea Party has been at the frontline of this same fight. Along with the help of these Tea Party leaders, we can defeat President Obama and finally get Washington out of the way.”

Maribeth Schmidt, Co-Founder Of Rattle With Us: "As a mother of three and a Tea Party activist, my main concern is the 15 trillion dollar debt and I believe that Governor Romney has it right when he says that he will look at every government program and ask two questions: ‘Can we afford it?’ and if not, ‘Is it important enough to borrow money from China for?’ His positions on the national debt, Right to Work, domestic energy, and reducing the wages of government employees to match the private sector are why I am supporting him in Tuesday's primary."

Dennis Moore, Founder/Former Director-Willow Run Tea Party Caucus: “Leaders lead without putting a wetted finger in the air seeking consensus. Mitt Romney will be a ‘Reaganesque’ president. I could not in good conscience watch as the Tea Party invokes a litmus test that Ronald Reagan himself would have failed. So I led by personally endorsing Mitt Romney. This country needs Mitt Romney!”
Read the rest of the endorsements are HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Well well well! What have we here? I thought the tea party hated Romney?

Oops! Guess the media is wrong again.


Terrye said...

Rush and Mark Levin will no doubt tell their listeners that these people are not the real Tea Party because the real Tea Party hates Mitt Romney...just like them.

Anonymous said...

Terrye, you probably don't even know how close to the truth you are! They will most likely say exactly that, absurd as it is.


Anonymous said...

These must be RINO establishment Tea Party folks, they cant possibly be the real thing endorsing Romney LOL