Friday, February 10, 2012

LIVE FEEDS Today through Saturday: CPAC 2012 (February 10-11)

The 38th annual Conservative Political Action Conference. America’s largest gathering of conservative activists and conservative leaders will be held Thursday, February 9 – Saturday, February 11, 2012, in Washington, DC.

You can find the tentative SCHEDULE of Events HERE.

As of Now, Here are the candidates tentative speaking times: (NOTE: It's always good to keep checking the schedule for any changes)


Friday-(February 10)
10:25 AM EST Rick Santorum
12:55 PM EST Mitt Romney
04:10 PM EST Newt Gingrich

Saturday-(February 11)
4:15 PM EST Straw Poll Results



If there are any embeddable live feeds to these events, I will embed them above. However, I'm positive that certain parts of the events will be live fed through my pop-up feeds under the photo below. Again, check the latest schedule (Link above) then check any of the 5 pop-up feeds. Hopefully, at least one or more will be carry the event(s). Enjoy:

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Teemu said...

In 2000 Alan Keyes and Gary Bauer got combined 23% of the caucus votes, in 1988 Pat Robertson got 25%, so there is lots of votes going to the “evangelical leader” type of candidates. If we look at the 4 recent Iowa winners, we can put them mainly on two categories. Large margin victories by “evangelical leader” candidate, or small margin victories by the “next in line”. Huckabee was of the first type, Santorum is of the first type, GWB was kinda combo of the both types, and Dole was and Romney almost was of the last category. Actually Dole didn’t have an “evangelical style” leader, who had actually ever won any elective office as opponent, only Alan Keyes, so we could deduce that if there is a good, somewhat qualified, “evangelical style” candidate, he should take Iowa rather easily.

A person who manages to get the “identity politics” edge, to claim the position of “evangelical leader” in Iowa caucuses, if that person has required political and communication skills, and charisma to be a good presidential nominee, that candidate will totally crush the competition in Iowa, like Huckabee and GWB did. Santorum didn’t, he got almost exactly the same as Pat Robertson did (24.56% vs 24.5%)...

So he is going down because he is pretty candidate, not happy enough warrior, even when the MSM is giving him a free ride and right wing media is giving him a boost.

Teemu said...

*pretty bad candidate

Teemu said...

Sorry, posted in wrong blog post, meant to post in the one above.

Publius Nemo said...

Bossman-thanks for the post. Makes it easy to follow when you have the schedule right here. Thanks, PN