Saturday, February 4, 2012

LIVE FEEDS Today: NEVADA GOP CAUCUSES Coverage (Open Thread)


If you missed the candidates speeches, you can watch them HERE. Enjoy!

I thought it would be a good idea to post as many live sources to today's Nevada Caucuses as possible. Especially since many don't have cable access to some of these networks. Most networks will be covering the primary throughout the day especially after 7 PM EST.

Not all the links below will be covering the primary continuously so you will probably need to click on different ones throughout the day.

I am also hoping to have Fox News or CNN embedded here as well as an additional source beginning at 7PM EST.


Check the following feeds for NEVADA Caucuses programing:

(Click the desired button bellow to open that feed)

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Anonymous said...

I'll be casting my vote in the morning!


Anonymous said...

This FAUX SPEWS & CNN CHOOSE circus is a sham/fraud! At 10% reporting, FAUX SPEWS has Gingrich @ 25% & Paul @ 22%, but CNN has Paul @ 21% & Gingrich @ 20%, although MSNBC has Paul @ 30% & Gingrich @ 20%. Not only that, they don't agree on how many Delegates Paul & Santorum have. Paul has 3rd place total of 10 & Santorum with 8 on CNN, but MSNBC has Santorum with 11 delegates in 3rd & Paul with only 4 in 4th place. How can these #'s NOT agree if all the results are the same? It's all a bunch of BS!