Wednesday, February 8, 2012

INTRADE: The next 4 contests after Colorado & Minnesota (02-07-12)

CLICK the links for current numbers:

Maine Caucus (February 4-11)

Arizona Primary (February 28)

Michigan Primary (February 28)

Washington Caucus (March 3)

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Anonymous said...

Tonight was just another little bump in the road.


Anonymous said...

Considering there isn't another contest after Maine's Caucus until the end of the month, I wondering if Romney decided to lay back a bit and let Santorum to build momentum in order to knock down the Grinch, while putting Santorum in the position to face some really heavy scrutiny.

I don't know what happened tonight, but I doubt any momentum Santorum will get out of tonight will be lasting.


Terrye said...

Firecracker..maybe, but I really think that this win for Santorum was about Gingrich's collapse and his people going over to Rick..I do think that Romney is planning on a long season.

Machtyn said...

CO was VERY disappointing. Yes Santorum got the inevitable, anybody but Romney, vote. While I would vote for Santorum, it doesn't mean I would do it willingly.

I WANT TO VOTE FOR SOMEBODY, instead of always voting against the Democrat. I finally have someone to vote for and he has to battle these lies and dishonesty from the Left and the Right.

I expect these Intrade numbers to fluctuate down for Romney in the next few days.

Machtyn said...
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Anonymous said...

I, at least, get to vote for Mitt now. My vote for Mitt will go in the mail today. That's my response to last night. I agree that it has been frustrating to listen to the supposedly right wing talkers quote Obama's talking points about Mitt and not bother to even note that the source is from the Left, which is what they have done time and time again for other candidates--especially Sarah Palin.