Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Romney now leading Santorum nationally by 5 Points

The full story is HERE.
View the full trends in an Excel file HERE.

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Graham said...

Rick Sucktorum's going down.

Anonymous said...

an't believe Santorum stooped to asking democrats to help him. It reminds of when he supported, the Benedict Arnold of the Republican party, Arlen Specter for reelection. Specter once a Republican switched to be a democrat. Specter became the culminating and final vote for ObamaCare. For you conservatives out there, Specter then went on to call for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. ObamaCare depending on the source states that it will cost between $400 billion and $1.2 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office states that the cost will be $829 billion with job losses totaling around 1.6 million. All because Santorum willingly supported the Specter. In fact, read the PA articles he was on a crusade to get him reelected. Santorum the Enemy Within

Terrye said...

And another one bites the dust..this calls for music Bosman,

Anonymous said...

Is whack-a-mole over yet? I sure hope so! I've got to get on with my life.