Friday, January 20, 2012

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell endorses Mitt Romney

From Mitt Romney's website:
“As I have said throughout this primary process, we need a governor to serve as our next president,” said Governor McDonnell. “America needs leadership and that's what governors do: they lead. Governors actually have to find solutions and bring all parties together in order to get results for their citizens – they can't just sit back and cast votes. Mitt Romney has been an effective leader his entire life, in business, the Olympics and as governor. President Obama’s lack of leadership experience is now clear – he has failed to turn around the economy and end the gridlock in Washington. Mitt Romney used his leadership ability in a politically difficult environment to balance the budget every year, cut spending and taxes, and create jobs. He is a results-oriented conservative. This is the type of record that conservatives like me are honored to support – we need a leader like Mitt Romney in the White House to enact effective change that will put our country back on the right path and Americans back to work.”
McDonnell plans on campaigning with Romney in South Carolina today. For more information, go HERE.

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Terrye said...

I guess this makes MCDonnell a Rino...

Anonymous said...

Terrye, just go read some of the pro Palin sites and you will see that McDonnell is now indeed a RINO.


Anonymous said...

This is a good endorsement. Of course, how can McDonnell think about endorsing Newt when Newt isn't even on the ballot in Virginia? Doesn't the stupidity of all this Newt Gingrich stuff just make you sick?