Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Degrees of Separation

Lest we forget. In the case of Ohio Joe that is no worry, he can never forget NY-23. But for the rest of us who have moved on with our lives let us refresh the details of that race.

In 2009 Scozzafava, a liberal republican, was chosen in back room deals by republican elites to be the nominee in a special election for the NY-23 seat, bypassing a primary process. Talk radio and Tea Partiers, especially Palin and her drones, were irate and got Hoffman to enter the race, splitting the republican vote and helping the democrat, Owens, to win the seat.

What was Newt's role in this race? He endorsed Scozzafava. Newt was pilloried by the True Conservatives (c) . He defended his endorsement with this statement.

My number one interest is to build a Republican majority. If your interest is taking power back from the Left, and your interest is winning the necessary elections, then there are times when you have to put together a coalition that has disagreement within it. We have to decide which business we are in. If we are in the business about feeling good about ourselves while our country gets crushed then I probably made the wrong decision.

Now, in 2012, the Palins have endorsed, either explicitly or implicitly, Newt Gingrich. Two degrees of separation between Palin and Scozzafava. Rich in irony, impoverished in integrity.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Dan!


Doug NYC GOP said...

The Palins are for The Palins FIRST and FOREVER.

These are folks who caught political/celebrity lightning in a bottle and wentt the easy money route FAST.

Conservatism is merely a way for them to capitialize and score money.

Aren't these the same folks who flirted with the idea of Alaska ceceding from the Union?

Instead of going rouge, I hope they just go away.

Phoney as baloney.

That Saturday night Judge Judy gig has to be a bitter pill indeed to swallow for Palin. It's like being sent to detention in High School.

Anonymous said...


I think the term du jour is 'pious baloney.'


BOSMAN said...

There you Romney guys go speaking FRENCH.

Anonymous said...

No se hablo francais.


Anonymous said...

Well, Sarah and Bristol have their trademarks, so it's all good.


Lionhead said...

This Blog, the so-called "Right Speak, A Place for All Conservatives to Speak Their Mind." has turned into a chaotic chorus of attack for any other GOP candidate other than Romney. An echo-chamber of mis-facts, re-writes of facts & sudsing & spinning stories or projections of someone's 'story in their heads' to fit a personal agenda. Stop the propaganda!

If you all think this is helping your candidate Romney, you're wrong. It's is showing your ignorance & fear, and that you're ideologues for Romney & your personal belief system.

The posters here routinely smear & marginalize other's posts or comments, e.g., Right Wingnut or Ohio Joe. In fact, anyone who disagrees with the views put out here. A Pox on all of you, for in reality you're Romney bigots, Yes, bigots!

You can slice & dice the other candidates, posters, & commentators, but the record of what your actions are & your agenda, are clearly spelled out in this blog.

Myself, I rely on facts & my own critical thinking to determine who gets my vote. Intimidation, propaganda & ad hominem attacks have no effect on my decisions.

The authors here are completely blind to what they're doing. Don't think it goes unnoticed by intelligent people. Your attacks on the other candidates are no better than Gingrich's or Perry's attacks on Romney. You can't even see the similarity whilst you rail against Gingrich & Palin.

Good luck to all of you in changing the hearts & minds of voters by using such vile & villainous attacks. No true conservative would do what you're doing. You're dividing the GOP, adding in the formation of a third party & making all the candidates look like they're illegitimate. Moreover, you're divisiveness is helping obama get re-elected. Again, a Pox on all of you so-called conservatives!

Guess Who? said...


When did you change your name?

Anonymous said...

Lol at Lionhead for that incoherent rant. I sourced all my claims with legitimate sources. My claims are exactly right, there are only two degrees of separation between Palin and Scozzafava. As to Gingrich, he is the one running the libelous, malicous, false attacks against Romney and Bain. It was mostly Paul who ran the negative ads against Ginrich in Iowa. All of your arguments are meritricious and you clearly rely on emotion rather than reason to come to your conclusion. But you're a True Conservative (c) .


Doug NYC GOP said...


This site has had many kind words , from many different people, for many in the GOP, including:

Paul Ryan
Chris Christie
Nikki Haley
Mitch Daniels
Jeb Bush
George W. Bush and a host of others.

Right now, we are in the midst of a campaign, so contrasting the candidates against one another is par for the course.

As far as other commenters and posters go, if they put up incomplete, false or mis-leading info, do you expect it to just stand?

Hell no!

A perfect example was Uncle Crazy's post yesterday in which he attempted to smear Romney with an out of context, incomplete clip. Then didn't even come back to defend his position after being called out on the bogus post.

Now instead of crying and whinng, offer to be a FP poster. I am sure Bos will set you up with an account, so you can express yourself.

Who knows, if you do it in a intellegent manner with a slight trace of humor, you might find input most welcome.

Graham said...


You mean, attacking people and sneering at them isn't persuasive?

Explains why you haven't converted anyone from Romney's camp.

Ohio JOE said...

"Right now, we are in the midst of a campaign, so contrasting the candidates against one another is par for the course." Yes, but shhhhh, we dare not bring up Bain.

Anonymous said...

OJ, you can bring up Bain all you like, because it's a feather in Mitt's cap. Newt and Perry lying their guts out and going nuts doesn't make it less so.

You think Romney is going to stop running on his business record now? Think again.


Machtyn said...

OJ: Why not bring up Bain? We Romney supporters have been bringing up Bain as one his strongest points. Just a few days ago there was a post pointing out why the Bain "problem" is not. And there is also a fun pirate speak version that was written many months ago over on

Sure, he fired some people. As unfortunate as that is, it is better than firing ALL people and going out of business. Yes, some failed to be successful even after reorganization. A vast majority of Bain Capital investments are successful... but you don't hear about the majority, because they are normal. You just hear about the one or two failures. Failures that actually lost Bain Capital money.

I mean for executive experience in the private sector, no one could match Romney's record, not even Cain. No one on the stage has ever turned around a near dead Winter Olympics. Not a single governor on the stage can claim they've turned a deficit in their state into a surplus. The other governors may claim to have better job growth. But MA was already low on the unemployment numbers anyway. It is a testament that Romney helped create an environment that allowed job growth as MA was hemorrhaging jobs when Romney entered office.

But we "Rombots" will not shy away from Bain.

Ohio JOE said...

"Sure, he fired some people." That in and of itself it not the point.

"I mean for executive experience in the private sector, no one could match Romney's record," Absolutely, but that did not stop him from promoting TARP, MAcare and what not all.

Ohio JOE said...

One of the main reasons, he failed the stand up to Queen Dede is that he did not want to lose his his friends in the Pro-TARP wing of his camp.

GetReal said...

OJ - another reason he didn't "stand up to Queen Dede" is that the alternative was a carpet bagger who knew nothing about the local issues he was supposed to be running on. Romney still donated to him as far as I remember, and not to Dede.

Which of the candidates still running did not support a health care mandate at one point or another? Only Ron Paul and as far as I know, Huntsman. Out of the rest, Romney's the only one who only supported it at the state level, as opposed to federally. I don't see why MAcare would stop you from supporting Romney if you are still considering the others, but its your own business.

Ohio JOE said...

With respect, that is not the entire story. There are carpet bagger and there are carpet baggers. You make it sound like Mr. Hoffman was somebody from London England trying to win a seat on some Scottish Island. He was from upstate New York. in the last election, neither of the two major candidates for my congressional district lived in the limits. However, they could almost spit into the district from their houses. Furthermore, let's just say that Mr. Hoffman was not nearly as ignorant of local affairs as the media might have lead you to believe.

"Which of the candidates still running did not support a health care mandate at one point or another?" You point out better than I can about why I think this is such a weak field and why I am not overly excited about any of the candidates.

Ohio JOE said...

"But MA was already low on the unemployment numbers anyway." BTW, that was in part because of the Bush tax cuts. It is interesting that few wish to credit low taxes for a good economic environment.

GetReal said...

I think everyone here agrees on taxes. If only the veto-proof Democrat MA legislature felt the same, Romney could have done even better.