Friday, January 6, 2012

Tweet of the Day

Newt Gingrich brilliantly wrecking Obama strategy to depict Romney as tool of far-right.
-David Frum
 Also from FrumForum -- a detailed account of how Romneycare is bending the cost curve in MA.


Anonymous said...

Newt and Rush need to sit side by side and go after Romney. That will really get people going.

Anonymous said...

Interesting data on healthcare spending in MA, Pablo. Thanks.


Lori Patriot said...

If anyone still thinks that Newt should be our nominee, please listen to his words and do your homework. Newt was for the creation of the Dept. of Ed. He backed every big gov socialist idea to come down the pike. He was for the Patriot Act, the Fairness Doctrine, sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi opining about Global Warming and wants our taxes to go to punks to pay them to stay in school. Newt loves FDR and Teddy Roosevelt, progressives. He admires FDR (big gov/socialist) and Democrat Wilson. Wilson segregated the schools and military. Newt has lots of ideas but is too distracted to implement them. He is not even on the ballot in Virginia due to his organization being in disarray. Don't fall for this RINO who has flipped more than John Kerry ever has. I used to be a fan until I researched him. It's shocking!

Give the credit for the Reagan Revolution to Santorum and the Republican House who put their country over party and helped make the Leftist Clinton go to the center and look good. Newt was busy chasing skirts and pow wowing with the democrats. He was forced out of his speaker spot and has few colleagues backing him despite 20+ years inside DC. He is not a leader and is divisive. We need a President that can unite us. Romney has and will.