Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rudy Giuliani: "What the hell are you doing Newt?" (VIDEO 01-12-12)

McCain gives his 2-cents as well:

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Anonymous said...

Rudy is full of it. Literally. Doesn’t he look as though he’s gained about 50 lbs. since he ran for president in 2008?

I used to love Rudy as my mayor. But did he actually say that the communist Chinese are the “real capitalists”? Give me a break.

Let China begin by freeing its political prisoners, releasing its imprisoned dissidents and writers, ceasing to terrorize the families of its “enemies,” and abolishing its state-approved churches and state-sponsored media. Then maybe we can begin to talk about a free people risking and investing their hard-earned capital in their own futures. Such a scenario is the antithesis of the communist state’s ideology.

It’s downright embarrassing to hear Rudy name-drop “Bill Clinton,” with whom he recently traveled to China. Newt-onesque, isn’t that?

I’m sorry to have to criticize someone who did much for New York City when I lived there. It’s absolutely clear that Rudy wants to support anyone but Romney. Unfortunately, Newt’s and Perry’s colossal stupidity and miscalculation have made Rudy squirm—not only for his own standing in the GOP but also for the many capitalistic clients of his successful law firm.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see Rudy and McCain stand up against the attacks on the free market made by some short-sighted, greedy politicians.

I agree that Rudy's comment about the Chinese being the real capitalists made me uncomfortable. One of the beauties of Western capitalism has been the ethical approach to business. When the corporations have prospered, so have many of their employees. Some of this has been accomplished through gov't and union means, most of it through Judeo-Christian ethics and beliefs. As those beliefs have been increasingly lost in our society, we see the loss of ethics in our businesses, and more greed is evidenced by those in control.

I worked with the Chinese, and I can say that the owners' wealth and success does NOT translate into a huge rise in the middle class. The Chinese do not have the same ethics as many in Western societies do. If people think our corporations and CEO's are greedy, they really should see the Chinese in action. Why do you think they put lead in toys, or poison in toothpaste and dog food? It certainly saved them some money, and the cost in lives was irrelevant to them.