Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PolitiFact Florida: Romney is right about Gingrich and Freddie Mac

H/T Paulee

Mitt Romney said, Newt Gingrich's contract was with Freddie Mac's lobbyists.

That accusation scored a PERFECT TRUE from PolitiFact Florida:
At a debate in Tampa, Romney criticized Gingrich for advising Freddie Mac, the mortgage giant that backs housing loans around the country.

Our ruling:
Romney said Newt Gingrich’s contract was with "the lobbyists at Freddie Mac." Gingrich provided strategic advice, a way of wielding political influence without having to register as a lobbyist. The primary point of contact on the contract was one of Freddie’s lobbyists. We rate Romney’s statement True.
Read the whole story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite moments of the debate on Monday, that got absolutely no coverage, was when Moonbeam was comparing his "discussions" with congressmen as being the exact same thing as you and I, and of course "Joe 6pack", sitting down with our congressmen for "discussions". Wow! Obviously most of us have never been Speaker of the House, but our advice matters just as much as Newty's...Please.


Anonymous said...

Newt seems to have three problems-- 1.EDD (Ethical Deficit Disorder), 2.Keeping the zipper of his pants up 3. Lying about Romney when it is convenient. (That could be a skill learned during marriage.)