Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama Administration’s Mandated Free Birth Control Leads America Closer to Loss of Religious Liberty

First Americans were told that there would be no taxpayer funding of abortion in Obamacare. But we see how it materialized through different channels anyway. Now Obamacare is paying for free birth control for all. Not just birth control pills and sterilization procedures, but the emergency morning after pill that is an abortion drug.

The Obama Administration through HHS has ordered that all employers must provide free birth control and sterilization to its employees. While there is an exemption clause for religious organizations such as churches, synagogues, and mosques, there is not an exemption for non-profits such as colleges, hospitals, and other social service organizations. All employees, whether you agree with the birth control pill or not, must pay into this healthcare plan. No exceptions. So Catholics who use and promote natural family planning must pay premiums that include coverage for birth control even though it goes against their faith tradition.

Religious organizations have one year to think over the new mandate before they must comply. If they choose to ignore the mandate, than they will be in violation and either pay a fine or cease to extend coverage to their employees. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a statement: “I believe this proposal strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious freedom and increasing access to important preventive services.” So according to Sebelius, shoving this mandate down the throats of religious organizations but giving them one year to swallow is considered respectful and balanced?

Lawsuits are already under way as the Becket Fund has taken the case. At stake is the issue of whether or not the federal government has the right to force religious organizations to fund healthcare plans that violate the dictates of their faith:
Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, North Carolina, and Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado sued the government in federal court to overturn the requirement, arguing that it violates their First Amendment rights and a law protecting exercise of religion.

“This is not really about access to contraception. The mandate is about forcing these religious groups to pay for it against their beliefs.”said Hannah Smith, senior counsel at the Becket Fund, a nonprofit law firm in Washington representing both schools.

Will this go to the Supreme Court like the mandate itself in Obamacare? Afterall, if we need the Supreme Court to determine if mandated commerce is constitutional, than surely mandating birth control in that very same healthcare system should also be decided.

As someone who believes that abortion can be reduced by using better, more reliable methods of birth control, I am against the government dictating that all healthcare plans must hand it out for free. This violates the conscience clause for religious Americans. They should not have to pay premiums in a healthcare system that funds birth control pills. This move by the Obama Administration leads us another step closer to the loss of religious liberty in America.


Machtyn said...

One step closer to a burnination of the nation :(

Ohio JOE said...

This is sad for sure. To Mr. Romney's credit, at least he is a supporter of the Becket Fund.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, TC. That's how abortions ended up funded in MassCare--they were court ordered. Apparently, Arizona also has Supreme Court mandates that force taxpayers to fund abortions under state plans.

Now we are dealing with birth control under federal mandates. It was bad enough under states, it is even more HORRIBLE under federal law. I realize that many devout Catholics do not believe in using these types of birth control. To force them to help pay for them does seem very wrong. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves!


Ohio JOE said...

Thanks AZ, we need more political advisers like you who have a moral compass.