Thursday, January 26, 2012

No South Carolina Mob = No Demagogue


  1. A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

There were no jeers. No cat calls. No carnival show. Newt didn't know what to do with the sober audience of Tampa, Florida. It was like watching a ring master with no circus clowns to distract the masses from the absurdity of his country circus show. The man who touted himself as the debate king who was challenging anyone with a pulse to a debate fight fell flat on his face Monday night without his mob behind him to boo his rivals and applaud his immorality. The politics of envy and resentment held little sway without his South Carolina pep rally gang. Monday night we let the candidates do the talking and Newt was without words for once. His dominance was challenged for the first time and his rhetorical double talk fell with a deafening thud. Without the mobs interruptions people actually listened to the rhetoric coming from the over-stuffed hypocritical peddler of influence and found his arguments to be non-sequiter, full of half truths, and populist at best.

The farce of the Gingrich superior intellect and debate prowess has been silenced for now. He played on populist fears and many in South Carolina found his fiery diatribes to be a therapeutic expressions of their own anger at the failed presidency of Barack Obama and the ineptness of congress to govern. It wasn't a vote for Gingrich at all in South Carolina. It was just a way to share in the anger that the most radical part of the party in South Carolina has somehow embraced over legitimate candidates of substance and honor. Newt attacked the elite media and they applauded. Newt attacked the rich and they applauded. Newt attacked free markets and they applauded. Newt attacked the very questions and they applauded! They don't even know the Gingrich message. No one knows the Gingrich message. Gingrich doesn't know the Gingrich message! As far as anyone can tell the only message Gingrich carries is his own personal egotistical ambition. What is best for Newt today seems to be the drive in this rotund Napoleon.

Republicans should be very wary of an angry mob and even more cautious of a dubious demagogue who's rhetoric is contrary to conservatism and republican values as we know them. There is a strong tradition in the Republican party that the GOP tent is vast and includes conservatives, independents, and a lot of dissatisfied democrats. While red meat is easy to throw out now the wiser candidates know that a national election will have to include people from all walks of life and all parties. This isn't the angry white man's party that Gingrich portrays. It never was!

This is an election for the soul of America as it has been aptly put by presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. We need to use wisdom and soberness in choosing the right candidate to represent the country against the ever growing shadow of government that has been cast into our personal everyday lives. Government is not the answer. This year we need a champion of fiscal moderation and government downsizing to reverse the last four years of the Obama experiment and to be fair a lot of the Bush era government. If it isn't done now, another four years will permanently imbed the government in our private sector and private life. Bureaucrats should not dictate to the people. We should be governing mostly from the state level and only apply federalism where the founders intended to apply the federal model i.e. currency, national defense, treaties, interstate commerce.

With all the mixed messages coming from some of the candidates this message must be very clear from now on in the GOP. We are not victims. We do not believe in mob rule. We are not populist. We are not envious. We are not without recourse. We do not shun success. We do not divide people along racial and economic lines. We do not condone demagoguery or demagogues. We do not support Newt Gingrich! We are the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. We are the majority. Our tent is large and inclusive. We believe in free markets and low taxes. We believe in small government and states rights. We believe in speaking softly and carrying a big stick. We believe that everyone in America deserves a fair shake. We believe that capitalism, free markets, and strong property rights empower people to lift themselves out of poverty and guarantees that the America of tomorrow is even brighter than the America of today. If we do not make our stand now and choose the right candidate to represent the GOP to contend with President Obama and the democracies we will all be working for the government and in the final annalysis the governments creditors.

Lastly, Gingrich will hurt the republican party every day that he remains in the race and any donation or contribution to his campaign is a donation to Barrack Obama and the democrats. Anyone who votes for Gingrich has succumbed to anger, fear, and demagoguery. Those who join his mob share in his love of ignorance and reality TV style entertainment. South Carolina pulled the union into a un-winnable war once. Let's not let South Carolina do it again. A lot is riding on you Florida.

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Anonymous said...

you've hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Publius Nemo, where have you been hiding? Love your posts and graphics. Excellent job.


Terrye said...

I heard about a poll that WaPo did and Newt is already hurting the GOP..Obama's favorability numbers are up and Newt's are down with a majority of the American people..In other words the antics he is employing might help him with the GOP base, but there are having the opposite effect on the general population. People do not like Newt.

Machtyn said...

Not only are Newt's numbers down, but Romney's have come down with the Independents as well.

I guess Newt wasn't satisfied re-electing Bill Clinton, he needs to tear down the GOP again to win the election for Obama.