Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newt the Nymph

Newt Gingrich takes a below the belt swipe at Mitt Romney and wholesomeness in a desperate attempt to slow the Romney momentum in Florida. Newt Gingrich exposed the depths of his depravity and his lack of comprehension of conservative republican values as he suggest his infidelities make him more of an average Joe than a candidate that has remained faithful to one wife. If that were true Gingrich would be the most average Joe in America racking up an impressive three marriages and two divorces. According to Gingrich, infidelity is the norm and fidelity is at best abnormal. Perhaps that is true about his morally bankrupt Washington insider friends but fidelity is still the ideal in America and certainly in conservative circles. Not only does Newt suggest that he has a better understanding of peoples hardships because of his numerous sexual liaisons and extramarital affairs but goes further to suggest it is a qualifier for the White House and adds depth to his understanding of the "human condition." If we follow the former Speakers logic we should elect the candidate with the most baggage. We should elect someone who has succumbed to all the temptations that confront the electorate. So let's add to Gingrich's qualifications list for the presidency of the United States some of the classic temptations such as tax fraud, drug addiction, insider trading, pornography, gluttony, alcoholism, personal debt, tobacco, bankruptcy, and let's not forget serial gambling. If only we had a candidate with all of those problems to add depth to his understanding of the human condition!

When commenting about his numerous infidelities the ever changing political chameleon had this to say;

"So, I think in that sense, it may make me more normal than somebody who wanders around seeming perfect and maybe not understanding the human condition and the challenges of life for normal people."

Obviously Newt Gingrich has crossed the line yet again. In his statement he also implies that Mitt Romney is not tempted like he is. It does not even enter the mind of this egotistical behemoth that Romney faced the same trials (probably worse being rich, powerful, and fit) but overcame them with determination and continues to overcome adding strength and resilience to his character. He suggest that Romney is "perfect", a phrase Romney has never used. Unlike Gingrich, Romney is a humble man and has demonstrated strength and character in governing his own passions and Newt would have us believe that this is chink in Romney's armor. In an atmosphere where Gingrich's fellow candidates have graciously given him a pass on his home wrecking ways, Gingrich has decided to make it a theme in his already aimless campaign. Candidates now have the green light to attack. Go!
To Newt Gingrich the GOP says this. The normal people as you call us want leadership. The normal people want role models. The normal people want strength and character. The normal people want family values. The normal people want true republican. Normal people want to win agains Barak Obama. We don't want another Nixon. We don't want another Clinton. And we will never allow a Newt Gingrich. Remember that South Carolina forced us into an un-winnable war once. Let's not let them drag us into another un-winnable war. Keep our GOP safe from nymphs, lechers, and home wreckers.

Update:The GOP will forgive anyone their past indiscretions but when a candidate says his indiscretions make him a better candidate over ones that have lived more nobly, that goes too far. Celebrating immorality is not a conservative value.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posts. His claims and insults to Romney for his decent life was unbelievable, but didn't get any press because of all the other issues floating around right now. You are so right to bring it into the conversation because it goes to the heart of who Newt really is.

His audacity is simply breathtaking sometimes. No wonder the democrats are all so happy.

Terrye said...

I don't really care how Newt Gingrich lives his life..but if he is going to run for President and if he is going to judge other people these issues are going to come is his own hypocricy that makes it an issue.

Publius Nemo said...

Terrye is right. The GOP will forgive anyone their past indiscretions but when a candidate says his indiscretions make him a better candidate over ones that have lived more nobly that goes too far. Celebrating immorality is not a conservative value.

Terrye said...

Publius...there is also the fact that Newt lead the charge against Clinton when he got caught doing something he should not have been doing..and I am not just talking about the lying either. Gingrich judged Clinton on his morality when he was doing the same kind of thing..Barney Frank might be a lefty moron, but you do not hear him lecturing other people on their morality. That is one reason he gets by with his personal life.

Anonymous said...

Newt is not the conservative he claims either, nor does he think the constitution matters. He is for regional governments (Mexamericanada)
and eventually one-world government.
If you are willing to check out the John Birch Society President's half hour evaluation of his last 15 year record, they document all of the above. See the video of "The Real Newt Gingrich." on U-Tube? Anyway, if he gets his way, you lose on all border issues, and keeping the U.S. Constitution in the long run.
Furthermore, the man has an Ethics Deficit.


Todd Berbert said...

Following Newt's faulty line of reasoning we soon reach the preposterous conclusion that Newt understands the "human condition" far better than Jesus does.