Saturday, January 21, 2012

LIVE FEEDS: South Carolina GOP Primary (Open Thread)

I thought it would be a good idea to post as many live sources to today's South Carolina primary as possible. Especially since many don't have cable access to some of these networks. Most networks will be covering the primary throughout the day especially after 6 PM EST. Voting places technically close in South Carolina at 7PM EST.

Not all the links below will be covering the primary continuously so you will probably need to click on different ones throughout the day.

I am also hoping to have Fox News or CNN embedded here as well as an additional source beginning at 6PM EST.


Check the following feeds for New Hampshire Primary programing:

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BOSMAN said...

I'll start off this Open Thread. My prediction in SC:

Romney 32
Gingrich 28
Santorum 19
Paul 15
Other 6%

1. There will be many more woman than usual get out to vote to insure Gingrich doesn't win.
2. Nikki Haley's machine there TO GET OUT THE VOTE will, GET OUT THE VOTE.
3. Rick Santorum is being under estimated there. He will split with Gingrich the ABR vote and Evangelical.
4. The fact that polls show a close race there, Romney's supporters will make sure they vote rather than stay home thinking it's in the bag. Gingrich WON'T HAVE that kind of enthusiasm. It's a voting day, NO SHILLS in the audience to cheer every time he breaks wind.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right, too Bosman.

But either way, Romney has RIGHT on his side. He is going to be just fine when all is said and done.


Noelle said...
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Anonymous said...

I like that... break wind *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*

Anyway, I've got a slightly more pessimistic view. It could be operation chaos in reverse. The Dems may come out to mess with Romney.


BOSMAN said...

I've noticed ALL DAY LONG, Fox News has been building up Gingrich...talking about momentum...showed his debate clips...had him on...had his daughters on...had his campaign manager on...When Romney was spoke of, it was always with a negative connotation.

I'LL BET, that if somehow Romney pulls this off, they will make it appear somehow that it was inevitable and will EVEN THEN, after pushing Gingrich ALL DAY LONG, will try and take the wind out of a Romney win.

Anonymous said...

I've been scratching my head today as to why women are voting for Newt. Why on earth would Republican women vote for the sleaziest man to come down the pike in decades? A liar, a cheater, a deadbeat dad, ethics problems galore, etc. And he's arrogant, grumpy, fat and unattractive as well.

The only thing I can really figure is that these ladies must be low information voters who get their news from FOX. Let's face it, Newt has not been vetted there in the least.

That, and of course the fact that SC is high in Evangelicals, and for some reason, these women are afraid of a Mormon president.

It's truly puzzling to me.


Noelle said...

It seems Fox and CNN are calling it for Newt right at the stroke of 7:00PM

Any truth to this?

Anonymous said...

Or they don't give a shit about his personal sex life because it happened a decade ago, and he fired them up....that's the more rational idea. But it's cool sound like a democrat pulling for whatever ya can to help u sleep next to your romney bobblehead crazy lady

NCSluts4Newt said...

Is it true that Fox called it already for Newt?

Anonymous said...

Taking a shot for every % bosmans calculations off, WHOS WITH ME

NCSluts4Newt said...

Bosman didn't take into account support like mine.

SCSluts4Newt said...

NC, Whens your primary?

Are the ladies up there ready to back Newt?

Anonymous said...

Here's the reason:

CNN Exit poll:

Religious beliefs matter?
Great deal 26% (Gingrich 43, Romney 9)
Somewhat 33% (Gingrich 45, Romney 29)
Not much 19% (Romney 40, Gingrich 31)
Not at all 22% (Romney 42, Gingrich 29)

RW, OJ, what was that you were saying about no bigotry?


Anonymous said...

Newt is less conservative than Mitt.

Newt is less consistent on the issues than Mitt.

Newt has no morals. Mitt does.
Newt has committed adultery. Mitt has not.

Newt divorced 2 wives sick with MS and cancer. Mitt took care of Ann during MS and cancer.

Newt was a deadbeat dad. Mitt was a good father.

Newt has ethics problems, Mitt is squeaky clean.

Newt is a DC insider, Mitt is not.

Newt was kicked out of the House. Mitt was hired to fix things.

Newt is an arrogant ass. Mitt is humble.

I don't know we could go on all night. What does it matter, the voters are idiots. But please don't anyone try to tell me this was not about religion. Just don't.


Terrye said...

CNN pointed out that religion was the issue..if religion was not an issue it would have been a win for Romney of 41 to 29..ahh the idiots.

Terrye said...

Anon...yeah and how did he get them fired up? picking on black kids?

and by the do you know all that stuff is a decade old? Besides, I am more concerned about the fact that he is a lying crook than I am about the fact that he is a womanizer.

Anonymous said...

Romney 2+1+2=5
Santorum 1+4+3=8
Paul 3+2+4=9
Gingrich 4+5+1=10

Terrye said...

Romney is still ahead on delegates.

Terrye said...

I wonder how many of those votes were Democrats crossing over to vote for Newt. After all, they don't have anyone in the Democratic party to challenge all they have to do is change party affiliation for this one vote.

Anonymous said...

Don't have to change shit, just go and vote...readdddd

Terrye said...

Here in Indiana you do not register as Democrat or just register to vote, but of course you can only vote in one primary.

leighrow said...

I have a basic question that the FOX and CNN moderators have never asked Newt.

"13 years ago, you were forced to resign as Speaker of the House-the 3rd highest office in the land, by your own party due to ethics violations and erratic leadership; Why do you feel that you would be the best qualified person to handle the highest office in the land-the presidency?

People also need to keep in mind that the guy was in his late 50's when this happened; and I believe a person's personality and behavior is defined by this stage in one's life.

So how could anyone think he would behave differently when given the highest power in the land???

Anonymous said...

leighrow, they are never going to ask that question! At least not unless/until he wins the nomination . . .


Terrye said...

If anyone ask him that question, Gingrich would just pitch a fit anyway..

nkmom said...

Martha is very wise and I don't get why the so-called conservative media is backing Gingrich ... the other night Levin asked if people really want to defend Romney vis a vis his income, to which I answer, yes because to defend him is to defend sucess, versus having to defend Gingrich's ethic issues and poor judgment (not only regarding women but also abandoning free market principles in a fit of rage).

Terrye said...

Speaking of good news for Obama..he has jumped up to almost 55% likelihood for reelection...gee I wonder what happened today that would so improve his numbers?

Anonymous said...

nkmom, you are so right. Romney is the very definition of what is possible in America!

Levin actually said that??? You have got to be kidding me. We are now the party of class warfare???


Ohio JOE said...

"RW, OJ, what was that you were saying about no bigotry?

Martha" You have a point Martha, it looks like anti-religious people are bigots against non-Romney candidates.