Saturday, January 7, 2012

LIVE FEED Tonight: ABC/WMUR Republican Presidential Debate (January 7, 9PM EST)


If you missed the ABC/WMUR/Yahoo Debate, I've got the full video for you HERE. ENJOY!

ABC News, Yahoo, and WMUR will host a Republican presidential debate on Saturday, January 7, at 9PM EST at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH.

ABC’s Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos will Moderate the Debate along with WMUR Anchor Josh McElveen.


I'm hoping to have an embedded live feed here by the start of the forum. What's been happening lately is that many of those supplying the feeds, are changing the codes at the last minute, making it more difficult to have the feed embedded in time. If the feed is not up by 8:55 PM EST, choose a feed from OPTION 2. THEN check back 5-10 minutes into the debate to see there is a live feed here.

NOTE: This feed may be choppy, depending on your internet connection and/or computer. The audio will be fine, but the video may seem slow. If this is a problem, hopefully there will be plenty of other viewing options in OPTION 2:


Press one of the feed buttons under the photo below. Hopefully one or more will work and stream the debate. A pop-up should open with the feed(s). You may need to choose the debate channel if it does not appear automatically, scroll down and/or across to view the debate in the pop-up window. PLEASE NOTE: If prompted to ad software on any of these feeds, DO NOT!! These are just advertisements and will disappear in 30 seconds. Also, try a few different feeds, because the quality may vary from one feed to the next. ENJOY!


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Lionhead said...

Right on time, here comes Newt's revenge. And it's a KILLER! He's failed to assess correctly his negative attack adds on other candidates in the race. In effect, he has sown the seeds of his own defeat.

As I posted earlier, that photo of Romney at Bain was going to bring him great PAIN. He will long regret that in his political career. Nothing turns off voters than an obvious greedy, needy, power grabbing candidate. Sorry, Mitt, here's your comuppance.

And the Attack Site:

Anonymous said...

LOL Hey DickHead, oh Im mean Lionhead nice try!! Mitt Romney is your daddy, admit it already.

Newt will blabber his nonsense tonight and try to attack while Romney will just smile and say "Why are you so negative, Mr. Speaker.?"

Romney will sweep, read it and weep.

Anonymous said...

too bad the only real voice running has been systematically excluded (and currently polling ahead of Perry), Buddy Roemer isn't being heard tonight.

Terrye said... one is going to take that seriously, believe it or not Republicans don't tend to go in for that anti business crap..

And btw, Romney won that debate tonight..hands down. No one else was even close.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romeny earned all his money and most American's appreciate that. He has taken $4.00 his entire life from the government ($1 each year as governor). All the others have gotten RICH on taxpayer money.