Monday, January 23, 2012

LIVE FEED! NBC GOP Presidential Debate (January 23, 9PM EST)


If you missed the debate, you can watch it HERE. Enjoy!


The NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times Republican Candidates Debate, in association with the Florida Council of 100, will take place on Monday, January 23 at 9:00pm EST at the University of South Florida. The debate will be moderated by NBC's Brian Williams and will include a panel with National Journal's Beth Reinhard and the Tampa Bay Times' Adam Smith.


I'm hoping to have an embedded live feed here by the start of the forum. What's been happening lately is that many of those supplying the feeds, are changing the codes at the last minute, making it more difficult to have the feed embedded in time. If the feed is not up by 8:55 PM EST, choose a feed from OPTION 2. THEN check back 5-10 minutes into the debate to see there is a live feed here.

NOTE: This feed may be choppy, depending on your internet connection and/or computer. The audio will be fine, but the video may seem slow. If this is a problem, there are plenty of viewing options in OPTION 2:


Press one of the feed buttons under the photo below. Hopefully one or more will work and stream the debate. A pop-up should open with the feed(s). You may need to choose the debate channel if it does not appear automatically, scroll down and/or across to view the debate in the pop-up window.PLEASE NOTE: If prompted to ad software on any of these feeds, DO NOT!! These are just advertisements and will disappear in 30 seconds. Also, try a few different feeds, because the quality may vary from one feed to the next. ENJOY!


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Terrye said...

We could start a drinking game..every time Gingrich tries to avoid answering a question by yelling at the moderator we take a hit..see if we can avoid passing out by the end of the debate.

I can remember when Democrats thought it was so cute the way Gore sighed and moved around during debates..but when the rest of the country saw that they did not see cute..they saw weird.

I doubt if Independents will appreciate Gingrich's tantrums, especially when they are obviously designed to dodge questions. But that does not mean that Republicans won't stand up and cheer like barking seals when he shows his ass..after all they call us the Stupid party for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time to leave the party SMURTONE

Terrye said...

I thought Romney got to Gingrich tonight. Needless to say the liberal media will not admit because they are desperate for Newt to win and the so-called conservative media won't admit it for the same reason..birds of a feather.

leighrow said...


Everyone should take a drink when Newty mentions Reagan....I think people would be mildly intoxicated within the first 15 minutes of the debate, if those were the rules..ha ha ha....