Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Is Not Only His Wives That Newt Cheats On

This has already made the rounds in the chat box and comments of other threads, but I think it is worth making a blog out of this issue so that it doesn't just disappear.

Newt is a tax cheat. The code is complex and Forbes breaks it down clearly. I won't recreate their work here, just quote the conclusion. 2010, the Gingrich corporations paid out $444, 327 as salary to Newt and Callista while reporting some $2.4 million as profit or dividends – thus allowing the Gingrichs to avoid paying the 2.9 percent Medicare tax on the bulk of their earnings.

Of course, now that Gingrich is running for president, it is unlikely the IRS will come after him as he would simply call it an attack by the Obama administration.

Boy did the right wing talking heads bang on about the tax cheating ways of Daschle and Geithner, but we can expect them to carry water for Gingrich on this issue as well. Apparently the True Conservatives (c) only get upset when it is a democrat who cheats on his wife or his taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Newt cheats on everything.

children (child support)
members of his own party
the truth
Nancy Pelosi

So what are a few taxes here and there?


hamaca said...

Great pic for this piece!

Anonymous said...

I had seen that there are some concerns about his taxes. If he cheated, I hope EVERYBODY talks about it! Not sure they will, but I hope they do.


DanL said...

Thanks hamaca.

Anonymous said...

And whats funny is only CNN reported on this, CNN debate is tomorrow and I hope they bring it up.

Terrye said...

Are we surprised? Now if he was Tim Geithner this would matter to Sarah and Levin and the gang..but since it is Newtie...they will just let it go they let everything else go by.