Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hmmm...Jim DeMint says, Mitt Romney will win South Carolina (VIDEO)

Now, does Jim know something we don't know?

I've been saying all along that this BIG BACKER of Mitt Romney in 2008, will endorse Romney when the time is right.

Here's what Jim said on the Mark Levin show:
“I was just sitting here listening to the Romney acceptance speech, and he’s hitting a lot of the hot buttons for me about balancing the budget, and frankly I’m a little concerned about the few Republicans who have criticized some of what I consider free market principles here,” DeMint said.

“I’m still not going to endorse, Mark, because Republicans are yet united and I want to focus on the Senate,” he said. “I think whoever gets elected as a Republican, I want to help deliver a conservative Senate, otherwise it doesn’t matter who is in the White House.”

Later in the program, DeMint predicted a Romney win in his state.

“Some of the others who might have had an advantage here have really crossed paths, crossed ways with some Republicans as they have criticized free enterprise concepts,” DeMint said, clearly referencing former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
The full story is HERE.

Here is the interview:

And who can forget these words from Jim DeMint back in 2008?

""I haven't seen anyone (Romney) light up a room like that since Reagan"~Jim DeMint

I have to agree with Jim on that.

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Anonymous said...

Good prediction by Demint, even better that he tells it to Mark Levin hahahahaha. I wonder so will Levin and his folks label Demint a RINO establishment if he were to endorse Romney likee he did in 08??

Socrates said...

I think we may have just got a lesson in, How you endorse someone without making it official.

Anonymous said...

It is inexplicable why former conservatives like Mark Levin hate Romney to the point of distraction.

They simply will not hear him. They will not give an honest analisys of his record. They believe lies and perpetuate them.

Is the core of this Sarah Palin? Her weird assertion that people who left Romney, after he bowed out, and went to McCain sabotaged her? And she blames Romney for other people's actions.

I think that may be it. Sarah Palin hates Romney, so all the fake conservatives like Rush and Levine are following her lead.

It's sick really, her paranoia has almost cost us the best and brightest of our generation.

The Palin's recent embrace of Newt's Communist conversion should disqualify the Palins and the Gingrichs for anymore attention in our lifetimes.

But her charisma is such that the weak minded, and those who really have no clue what it really means to be a conservative, will bleat along with whatever comes forth from her facebook page.

It is such a shame really.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you have it right. They cannot get over Palin, for whatever reason.

And I agree, it's long past time to close the Palin chapter, and pretend it never happened. She's lost whatever appeal she once had. She even looks terrible on FOX now, so I don't know how much longer they even want her. All she does not is parrot Rush. She has no original thoughts of her own, and never has.


PS. It's particularly curious that the Palin's endorsed Newt the very day he was going after free enterprise. Makes me think her so-called conservatism is phony baloney.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who believe Palin is a phony like Limbaugh and Levin; and I am one of those that went out of their way and took a lot of hits for sticking up for her in the liberal looney state of Minnesota! I was openly mocked for doing so!

The fact that Sarah,Limbaugh and Levin did not stick up for Bachmann when she was getting mercilessly bashed by the MSM and some people within the conservative movement was a red flag....but the fact that she is essentially supporting the whiny big government,anti-capitalist Gingrich says it all.

Sarah is in this now for Sarah and Sarah plans to make alot of money in doing so! Making money is a good thing but her support of Gingrich and her lack of support for Michelle is inexcusable!

Anonymous said...

Todd Palin endorsing Newt on Monday in spite of Gingrich's planned attacks on Mitt concerning Bain definitely smells fishy. I'm holding out hope that I don't see Sarah embarce any of those lines that Perry and Speaker Moonbeam keep spouting off concerning Corporate Raiding and Vulture capitalism. For me it would be expecially painful since I have stuck up for her brand over the last three years.

Hopefully she'll follow Rush's lead on this one and just stick to the "million or so" other reasons to hate on Mitt.

But any Republican who starts spouting off lines like Vulture Capitalist and Coporate Raider will forever lose my respect and support. There is no coming back from that line of thinking.


Ohio JOE said...

"It is inexplicable why former conservatives like Mark Levin hate Romney to the point of distraction." He does not hate Mr. Romney, he just recognizes that Mr. Romney is not the best of the bunch.

BTW, move on Martha, Mrs. Palin is not in the race anymore, you need not be bitter against her. She is no longer a threat to you.

Haha, you need to start trashing Mr. Santorum and Dr. Paul now.

Ohio JOE said...

"but her support of Gingrich" Huh? So Mr. Palin has no pants all of a sudden? Which is it?

Anonymous said...

OJ, I have moved on from Palin. You'd be interested to know that I have not googled Palin for about 6 months now or so!

But I have to admit that it's boring without her. Going after Santorum or Paul just doesn't have the same appeal!

Anyway, I don't believe for a minute that Todd is independent from Sarah. No one cares a flying fish who the silly 'First Dude' wants to endorse. This was Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Ohio Joe....

So the Palin's arrange a media announcement that is showcased on Fox that Todd,the first dude, is supporting Newt...Why was it even necessary for Todd to announce who he was supporting if the intent wasn't to send a message?:)

Anonymous said...

Palin was on with Eric Bollings and seemed to support the desperate anti-capitalism attacks of the others. Its no big secret she isn't a Romney fan and sending out her husband to endorse Gingrich was a move to show it.

Ohio JOE said...

"Anyway, I don't believe for a minute that Todd is independent from Sarah." Well, you guys can think what you want, but I am not going to automatically vote for the same person that my wife does just because she is more politically connected than I. I disagree Mr. Palin's decision to back Mr. Gingrich, but he has the right to not necessarily vote for everybody his wife supports.

Anonymous said...

OJ...I agree that Todd does have his own mind and he can back whomever he chooses...but I highly doubt that if Cindy McCain had endorsed Mitt a month ago, no Fox show would have interviewed her about it. You know I've lived me some Palin, but this is not paying the smell test for me...I hope I'm wrong. Her silence on the Bain attacks has been deafening, and if the earlier post was right that she was on with Eric Bolling, and seemed to accept such thinking, my respect for her may be irreparably damaged.

She just needs to follow Rush's lead on this one...not a time to go Rogue with Perry and Speaker Moonbeam.


Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..that flip flopping blabber mouth Mark Levin was supporting Romney in 2008 and now he has turned on say because he recognizes that Romney is not the best of the bunch? What bunch..who is the best? I mean really. The truth is Romney actually is the best and this primary season is proving it.

BTW, Levin support O'Donnell who was a crappy candidate in spite of his efforts to carry her, and even she supports Romney.

Maybe Levin would prefer a crony capitalist, or a lobbyist, or a womanizer, or a fringe candidate who wants to shut down the Fed..I don't know but I have not seen anyone out there who is preferable to Romney.

Ohio JOE said...

"or a fringe candidate who wants to shut down the Fed." So the FED is OK as it is? That is also a fringe position.