Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gallup Poll: Romney leading GOP by 17 nationally

GOP Nomination: (Previous results from Jan 17)

Mitt Romney 33% (34%)
Newt Gingrich 16% (15%)
Rick Santorum 14% (15%)
Ron Paul 12% (12%)
Rick Perry 7% (6%)
A survey of at least 1,000 registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents was conducted January 13-17, 2012. The margin of error is +/-3%.
The full story is HERE.

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1 comment:

777denny said...

Newt Gingrich actually accomplished great things FOR America, like balanced budgets, Welfare Reform and working with Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton to help to create an atmosphere to help create over 25 million jobs FOR Americans, versus an increase of 14 million people on Food Stamps since President Obama promised, and then FAILED, to turn America's economy around. Newt has the tenacity, knowledge, understanding and audacity to actually do what he says he will do, versus Romney's RINOisms. And Ron Paul would follow Obama on homosexualizing the U.S. military and letting Iran bomb Israel, while giving the world over to China, Russia, Iran and Islamofascists to rule it, substantially reducing our GDP. Rick Perry is a regional candidate and Rick Santorum is not-quite-ready-yet-to-be-president. So the only alternative is Newt, who has done great things FOR America, instead of TO America, like Obama has done! Go Newt!