Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fired Up Romney at Final SC Rally - Can a Newt Win Actually Help Mitt?

No matter how today’s South Carolina primary turns out, Mitt Romney capped his campaign with a raucous rally last night, which seemed to renew the candidate’s vigor and indicates his fight with a resurgent Newt Gingrich may end up being a positive development for 2012 GOP nomination run. 

A fiery crowd of 400 jammed the night time rally in Greenville, a pivotal Upstate voting area, and cheered wildly as the exhausted Romney took the stage. Their energy seemed to infuse the candidate with energy and he wowed the crowd.
Flanked by top South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Virginia’s Bob McDonnell, who endorsed Romney earlier in the day, Romney had one of his best rally’s of the campaign season. According to the Washington Post: 

Mitt Romney’s loafers were still damp from standing under the pouring rain to give a stump speech Friday morning at the muddy Harmon Tree Farm. By the time he reached Greenville for his final rally capping the most trying week of his presidential campaign, he looked exhausted.

Yet as soon as Romney grabbed the microphone at a 9 p.m. rally here Friday night, he seemed to transform into a different candidate. Suddenly, Romney came alive. He was fiery and seemed to speak from the heart, however rehearsed he may have been. He told funny new jokes and delivered tough new lines about President Obama.

And his overflow crowd of more than 400 at a Greenville banquet hall ate it up, reacting wildly throughout.

Romney is not a candidate used to being interrupted by cheers, but on this night he was.

“We need Mitt! We need Mitt! We need Mitt!” they chanted.

“You know what?” he replied. “You’re gonna get me.”

“You guys in Greenville,” Romney added, “this is the best audience I’ve been to in a long time.”

This morning press accounts by ABC News, Patch.Com and the Washington Post of the rally were effusive and indicate no matter how today turns out for Romney; he will head into Florida pumped up and ready to fight.

In addition, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin theorized yesterday the decision by Rick Perry to drop out of the race, may be a key element to Romney battling back against the resurgence of the ethically challenged Gingrich. There were also other media theories by CNN and National Journal, concluding while Romney has some challenges, losing in the Palmetto State may not be as disastrous as some may think.

Good Luck Today Mitt and On to Florida!!!!


Terrye said...

I know that Gingrich's supporters think that they can win this..but there is no way most Americans are ever going to support Gingrich..his followers might like it when he dodges a question by attacking the moderator, but most people just see a corrupt and dishonest pol trying to cover his behind.

There are 50 states in this country, no matter who wins this today it is not over.

Anonymous said...

(Doug, apparently my comment disappeared, so I will repost it.)

Doug, you really know how to fire up the crowd!



Anonymous said...

Only through the rose colored glasses of the ABR crowd do they think that Newt would command the respect of the country. Newt is pretty much a slimeball and will make Obama look good.

Newt must be having the same thoughts as Obama: I can do whatever I want with these people. I just have to sound convincing,like I mean it, and I have them eating from out the palms of my hands. I can't believe how easy it is....ha, ha, ha,.............