Sunday, January 8, 2012

Debate Reaction

So that was the first entire debate I have seen this cycle and apparently I haven't missed much. I am continuously amazed at the apparent shield that surrounds Romney. Mitt is the luckiest guy in the world that he is running against a bunch of clowns. Don't get me wrong, Mitt is perhaps the most qualified candidate we have had in a long time. But when I say that, I am not thinking like a guy dressed up like George Washington.

Nevertheless, here are my favorite moments of the debate (although it is difficult to narrow it down to three).

1. According to Rick Santorum, Romney was playing class warfare by addressing the middle class. Newt was glad to jump in and talk about how Romney only has slightly given tax cuts to the rich, unlike the bold Newt whose tax plan surpasses even Rick Perry's in its tilt toward the rich. This is what it has come to. I am going to posting more on this later. The day that class warfare become not giving billions of dollars in tax cuts to the richest of Americans during a time when unemployment is sky high is the day that I am in the wrong party.

2. Rick Perry would re-invade Iraq. Every time Perry opens his mouth I am taken aback at how utterly ignorant he is. I happen to work in Baghdad and I can safely say that such a policy would be met with unanimous opposition from the entire American political-military establishment here. And the Perry notes that Iran is rapidly moving into Iraq. Sounds like something he saw on TV, but not exactly what is happening.

3. Got to love that championship basketball game going on right now, Newt.

Can we just cancel the rest of the nomination process and pronounce Romney the nominee? I know that it would be undemocratic, but at least these clowns wouldn't embarrass themselves anymore.


Slick-Willy said...

My favorite moment was when Santy attacked Mitt for pushing class warfare by saying "middle class" and then proceeded to pitch why he was the best candidate for the "working class."


Doug NYC GOP said...

Let's not forget Mitt slapping down Huntsman about being an Obama lackey while he getting GOPers elected.

Gingrich pulled a Perry with basketball question.

Santorum stopped his own momentum.

Romney having fun with the moronic George S. over contraception.

Anonymous said...

Jon huntsman....why is he even running?! Why!?

Machtyn said...

I thought Romney got attacked plenty. The difference was he parried every attack so efficiently that it didn't appear like he had been attacked.

I missed this morning's debate. If I understand correctly, Mitt got hit quite a bit more.

Anonymous said...

This morning's debate was more fireworks than last night. but it didn't hurt Romney that much considering everyone but RonPaul came at him. Huntsman did do well in this morning's debate and look for him to come in 3rd.

Santorum is an angry high school teacher, how does he rail on Romney for saying middle-class instead of middle-income? What's the difference? But then he portrays himself to be for the "blue-collar" worker?

Gingrich is just a sad petty old man. Seems like he wants to attack Romney from the left again.

Perry is done, but good for Romney that he stays.

Paul has no chance, but good for Romney that he stays.

Huntsman should dropout after NH,although he says he is going to S Carolina. We shall see, Bachmann also said she was going to go on but didnt.