Friday, January 20, 2012

CNN/SRLC GOP Presidential Debate (FULL VIDEO January 19)

It is broken down in segments for you here:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bos. for everything you do around here. That was painful to see the folks in the audience cheer for Newt at the beginning. What a bunch of dupes.


Anonymous said...

I predict Newt will edge out Romney in SC, Romney wins Florida.

GetReal said...

It doesn't really matter if Mitt wins SC or not. Iowa set the precedent, if Mitt wins SC, they can just do a farce of a recount say he didn't. Just in case anyone wants to double check it...oops, they lost some of the votes.

punisher0276 said...

I oredict Mitt will win after I saw all those angered women in the room while the duped men cheered for Newt. Can you see the homewrecker as first lady really?

Noelle said...

Does Newt Gingrich seriously believe that the fact that the issue of his history of cheating on his wives being brought up in the debate is MORE despicable than his actually cheating on his wives?

Newt KNOWS he cheated on his wives. He KNOWS he is running for president. He KNOWS that presidential candidates are vetted in every possible way. Does he seriously think the media and the public will ignore his history of lying to and cheating on his wives? Does anybody still think he is the smartest guy in the room?

Seems like not too long ago the voters of South Carolina gave to boot to Mark Sanford because of his adulterous affair. Now they are on the verge of choosing between Mitt Romney (loving and faithful husband and father), Rick Perry (loving and faithful husband and father), Ron Paul (loving and faithful husband and father), and Newt Gingrich (serial adulterer, dead-beat dad, liar and cheater). I wonder who they will chose.

Terrye said...

Newt just went after the media because he thinks a good offense is better than a defense..he is still a jerk.