Monday, January 2, 2012

Charles Krauthammer's prediction

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Anonymous said...

We could do worse than Rubio. But I wonder if he's ready. I like Christie an awful lot. Portman would be okay.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

It seems Mitt has been looking (not hard yet) at VPs, and if I had to guess who's on his shortlist, it would be:


But I think Mitt will end up giving Huckabee some real consideration, as well as Portman.

Noelle said...

Rubio has said that he would not accept the invitation to be on a ticket as VP. While I could whole-heartedly support a Romney/Rubio ticket, I am inclined to take Rubio at his word. Furthermore, I think he is right to stay in the Senate. He is young, he has only been in his office for a year. He would be smart to finish his term, maybe run for governor, and then president.

I don't know enough about Portman to have an opinion about him.

Romney has said that his requirement for VP is that it be someone who is ready to be president. My requirement is that it be someone from the South who has Tea Party cred. My top 3 used to be Rubio, Jindal and DeMint. I have mixed feelings about all three of them now. I think Jindal was short-sighted to endorse Rick Perry so early, and I think DeMint weak to not endorse Romney again, but I do think they would strengthen the ticket. I'm ready to include on my short list Bob McDonnell and Mike Huckabee. They have both been governors, and as such have executive experience, and they would both make Mitt more "likeable" in the evangelical South.

BOSMAN said...


"I think DeMint weak to not endorse Romney again"

What would you think of DeMint if he endorses Romney just before the SC primary?

Machtyn said...

Bosman: I would still think he was weak, but respect his decision to wait until the last minute. Nikki Haley sure turned some heads when she endorsed. I wonder what would have happened had DeMint then endorsed a week after.

BOSMAN said...


I'm predicting that DeMint endorses Romney and has timed his endorsement to the SC primary.

If he had done it a month ago, the immediate affects would have worn off by now.

I believe Romney's endorsements are timed.

The element of surprise will push Romney over the top in SC.

Noelle said...

I have mixed feelings about DeMint. The fact that he did not endorse Mitt already is because he was afraid of getting some bad feedback from his TEA party support (in my humble opinion). However, the fact that he didn't endorse anyone else tells me that he recognizes that no one else merits his endorsement.

Now that Romney has received the endorsement of an official TEA Party organization, I hope other strong TEA Partiers will have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and endorse Romney.

I for one would definitely like to get DeMint's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Bosman. DeMint is waiting for maximum impact. I think you've been right all along about him.

I'm not much interested in DeMint as VP, though. I don't think he would really help the ticket. We need a governor, and I'm strongly guessing McDonnell. I'm okay with that, although Christie is my first choice.


Anonymous said...

My VP list goes Christie, Huckabee, DeMint...And Palin of course.


Anonymous said...

I like rubio but I want a romney/christie!

Anonymous said...

I have always thought a Romney/Palin ticket would become known as the "Ken and Barbie" ticket, which probably wouldn't be a very good thing. If you can distill the ticket down to looks, you manage to detract from the personal intelligence and competence of the ticket. I don't think Romney will choose Palin, although stranger things have happened.


newark hawk said...

Jim Demint was the founder and CEO of a market research firm in South Carolina before serving 3 terms in the House & 2 terms in the Senate.

Demint has the private sector experience that Romney is looking for in a VP, since Romney clearly intends to make Obama's lack of such experience a major issue in the fall campaign.

Romney's favorite mantra - "Obama has never held a real job, so he doesn't know how to create jobs" - won't be very effective if he selects a running mate who is a career politician/ government employee like Marco Rubio, Bob McDonnell or Condoleeza Rice.

Of course, Demint must EMPHATICALLY ENDORSE ROMNEY prior to the SC primary for Romney to even consider him for VP.

As Romney's running mate, Demint would rally Tea Partiers & the South - including the key battleground states of Florida, North Carolina & Virginia - behind the GOP ticket, and greatly diminish, if not eliminate, the threat of a 3rd party candidacy to the GOP's chances in 2012.