Friday, January 6, 2012

The Boston Globe endorses Jon Huntsman...THANK GOD!

As a lifelong resident of the Boston Area, I had been DREADING the Boston Globe endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

How will I spin this when the army of the ABR crowd come and call Mitt a liberal because America's version of Pravda endorses him? I know I'm good at spin, but not that good.

HaHaHaHa!....Now I don't have to!

They've decided to endorse President Obama's pal instead:

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Massachusetts Conservative said...

Bos, did you notice when the Globe took a noticeably anti-Romney tone when Romney started traveling to Iowa and SC in 2004?

They were scared he would become a national-level threat to their Democratic agenda.

Graham said...

The Herald endorsed Romney, they're the conservative paper.

I'd say screw it, let Huntsman waste his money, but it's not his money, it's his dad's.