Friday, January 6, 2012

Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning

*PLUG* I interrupt this regularly scheduled campaign site with a minor plug for a course for which I think we can all benefit from: Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning, 2nd Edition.

I got this series as a CD course for my wife and it really does come in handy. You will learn how to create a defense for an argument (a point of view) and understand how to effectively counter an opponents point. It will show you how to recognize fallacies and other manipulations of language that may trip up a person during a debate. And, yes, it even covers the Lincoln-Douglas debate.

Since we are all politically motivated and wish to get our point across, this is a book/course I highly recommend. The nice thing is, it is on sale from The Teaching Company. I should add that neither I, the author, nor the site maintainer will earn any money from this plug. I'm just putting it out there for your edification.


Noelle said...

The nice thing is that because of this gift, whenever we are in an argument, because of this course I always win. :)

Doug NYC GOP said...


I have The Great Courses cataloge and was thinking of purchasing one of their writing cds to improve myself.

I have seen the course you desribe and was intrigued by that as well.

Do you think they are worth it?

Noelle said...

I'm the one in our family who has most utilized the Great Courses. I'll tell you, there are some courses that I absolutely love. Especially the ones by Robert Greenberg dealing with music (that's my passion). Some of the history courses I have also really enjoyed (history was my major in college, and even though I'm not the millionaire historian that Newt Gingrich is, I still consider myself something of a history buff).

There have been some courses which I was very disappointed in, but the nice thing is they guarantee their courses, and if you're dissatisfied, you can return them for a full refund or exchange for something else. Overall I have been very pleased with them.

My favorite courses have been, as I said before, any of the Robert Greenberg courses on music history or music appreciation, the course on the Civil War, and the course on World War II. There are others I liked a lot, but those have been my favorite. I also really unexpectedly enjoyed a Physics course called Physics in your Life.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Thanks Noelle