Monday, December 12, 2011

Tebow Mania: Mike Huckabee interviews Tim Tebow

Tebow Mania has taken the country by storm. Everyone seems to be writing about him and giving their perspective on his football skills, his faith, and his ability to help the Denver Broncos win.

In light of all that, it seems the perfect time to repost Mike Huckabee's June interview with Tim Tebow where they discussed Tebow's book Through My Eyes.

I find Tim Tebow to be a great role model, not only for kids, but for anyone who is part of a team. I like how Tebow always gives credit to his teammates and emphasizes some of their winning plays on the field.

Secularists are running scared because Tebow is not afraid to talk about his love for Christ. But they don't realize that God's kingdom has room for everyone to be part of the team. Tim Tebow knows how the ultimate game ends. And that's why he always gives God the glory.

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Ohio JOE said...

I am not a Denver fan, but I am glad that he is playing well and I am impressed with his career so far.

Anonymous said...

Well said, anon.

TC, I don't think secularists are running scared of Tim Tebow. I also don't believe it is primarily his Christianity that is attracting the attention, but the moral way he lives, and his willingness to declare his faith.


Ohio JOE said...

"If Tim Tebow were not Christian, he would not have the following he has and would just be another player." Wow, you know less a football than I do.

Ohio JOE said...

"TC, I don't think secularists are running scared of Tim Tebow." You might be right, but the players on the other teams are certainly afraid of him.

Anonymous said...

Ohio Joe,

Tim Tebow may be a really good player, but the fact that he is Christian elevates him to another level fanaticism. When a lot of kids think of Tim Tebow, they think of how they want to emulate not only his playings skill but also of how too emulate his good personal Christian traits. That combination is what has really put him over the top in popularity.

Too bad other religions can't have good personal Christian traits, or they are just ignored.

TexasConservative said...

This post is about Tim Tebow.

It was such a good interview that I thought with all the Tebow Mania, it deserved a second look.

This post is not about MR. So let's keep all comments focused on the topic at hand.

If you read Tebow's book, you will see how he has motivated his team into believing in each other.

So Tim Tebow is also a role model for companies, organizations, and groups who want to be successful.

Having a leader who realizes that it is not all about him, helps immensely.

TexasConservative said...

Anonymous wrote at 9:00 am

"I think the biggest part of Tim's appeal is that he is Christian. That he embodies Christian values, and he is boasted about with pride. If Tim Tebow were not Christian, he would not have the following he has and would just be another player. Somebody like Tim Tebow, I think, is a guy the Christian community would love to nominate for political office.

And why not? Tim seems to be a good guy who lives a decent life. He seems like someone who pursues being a good and decent person.

I removed the rest of that persons post for two reasons.

1. I posted about Tebow for entirely non-political reasons and did not feel that the post warranted comments about the GOP primary race or MR.

2. Tired of people posting as anonymous. I have asked repeatedly that people use a name so there can be a dialog between posters.

Anonymous said...

Texas, I'm disappointed you removed that comment because it was very insightful. But I'm not surprised. You can't have anything reasonable said about Mitt Romney, now can you?

This is a political, (not a religious site), with the Iowa Caucus less than 30 days away. The comment was 100% appropriate.


TexasConservative said...


I added this Tebow post to give people on this website a chance to get away from politics and see a really interesting interview.

Some people missed it 6 months ago.

Some people would be more interested in it now because of Tebow's success on the field.

Some people don't like football and may want to bypass it all together.

I did not want my post to be hijacked.

Again, the post is about Tim Tebow not MR.

Let's keep it that way and have a great discussion about Tebow, football, and the ability to get a team to succeed.

Anonymous said...

This post is about Tim Tebow and his religion. Otherwise, why post it. Not surprised you deleted the post you stated.

Anonymous said...

Im happpy Tebow is courageous in promoting and openly sharing his christian values, something we need more of today especially from these sports stars who are role models for many kids who look up to him.

Now as a fan, Tebow is just an average player at best in the pros, he was a great college player but life in the pros is different. He does not impress me at all, He has a win streak now against teams that are even worse or for example the bears were playing with caleb hanie at quarterback, who is caleb hanie? He is not a quarterback, has one of the worst att/comp ratios. So they have been riding on luck, but look for them to play a real team (like my steelers) and they will get pummeled.

Anonymous said...

BOB on that last comment

TexasConservative said...

Thanks Bob for adding your name!

We did not get to view the game here in Dallas. Very disappointed in that.

But my husband is a huge Bears fan and could not believe that they lost.

Maybe it was better that we could not see it in real time.

I think that Tebow has a lot of potential. As I said, in reading his book, you see a person who is determined to learn and be the best that he can be.

Imagine trying to improve being under the microscope. Has to be a tremendous amount of pressure on him.

Maybe that is why he chose the first verse that he put in his eye blacks to be Phil 4:13