Monday, December 5, 2011

Romney Needs To Attack Gingrich On Health Care

I know that I said I would discuss policy from now on, but Romney needs help on his strategy. Why doesn't he attack Gingrich on health care?

Romney's position has been fairly consistent throughout the years that health care reform should take place at the state level. Gingrich's position has been fairly consistent throughout the years (until this year) that he favors a federal mandate. I know that Romney is a play it safe guy and doesn't want to remind people of his health care position. But he is literally to the right of Gingrich on this one. He ought to constantly play clips of Gingrich talking about the federal mandate and then quote him from his own books.

It would completely confuse half of the base. The conservative media would be in panic mode, not knowing how to defend Newt. Most of them would probably just continue to lie, but Fox News would be forced to admit the glaring truth. Gingrich's trolls would probably not go to Romney, but the transition would be perfect timing for the Iowa caucuses as the ABR vote would be split.

Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

Pablo, you're right, and I think they will.

For heaven sake, people have been tarring and feathering Romney for the mandate for over a year. They all said it was the death of him. Now we have the king of mandates--federal at that, and he's not getting ANY heat for it?