Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pablo's New Year's Predictions

Let's all do this.

1. Romney will win Iowa and New Hampshire, but will still lose South Carolina. He will go on to win the Republican nomination rather quickly though. He will beat Obama but only after a long hard fight.

2. Romney picks Susanna Martinez as his running mate but still only gets 35% of the Latino vote and still loses New Mexico.

3. Hillary Clinton runs as Obama's running mate and Biden takes Secretary of State.

4. Talk radio will be highly disappointed with Romney's campaign.

5. There will be no third party candidate that gets more than 5 percent of the vote.

6. Unemployment will edge back up to over 9 percent by election day.

7. Nouri al-Maliki is forced out of his position as Prime Minister of Iraq. Ethnic conflict takes place in Kirkuk. Meanwhile, Bashir Assad flees his country and takes refuge in Iran.

8. Enrique Pena Nieto is elected President of Mexico, Hugo Chavez steps down due to health problems, and Fidel Castro is still alive.

9. Dilma Roussef finds her approval rating significantly lower than her predecessor's.

10. The Eurozone teeters but stays remains in place. Nicolas Sarkozy fails to win reelection and at least three (take your pick) other European countries seek a change of leadership. 

11. Ohio Joe becomes a Rombot, and Pablo remains a Republican.


Anonymous said...

And what about uncle RW? By the way I miss RW, he at least is the 1 anti romney poster on here to mix things up.

Anonymous said...

Great post Pablo...I hope most of your predictions come true.


Anonymous said...

romney will win, but he won't pick Suzanna Martinez. she's not experienced enough, and that seat could be lost. He won't palinize the back bench. Ellie.

Alan said...

I agree with 3, 4, 5, and 6.
1 is a possibility but not 2.
Romney will pick his VP based on competency, not gender or ethnicity. I believe it will be Pawlenty.

Anonymous said...

Ellie, I agree. Romney already said he would choose someone with the right experience.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Gingrich will be so outta $$ and "decimated" after Iowa and NH, the SC voters will realize a vote for Gingrich is wasted and Mitt surprises w/SC win.


Ashley Jones said...

Alan: "Romney will pick his VP based on competency, not gender or ethnicity. I believe it will be Pawlenty."

TPaw will not be VP. He's just a very bad advocate--simply not a compelling speaker. The VP must be someone that is competent, electable and that can do damage to the opposition. TPaw is competent, marginally electable, but not a fighter.

Mitt should choose Christie or Rubio. Both would be better if they had a few more years in their current positions, but if they did they'd be running themselves. Both are highly intelligent and would serve as fantastic attack dogs. Both are electable. Rubio hands Mitt FL. Christie makes Mitt even stronger in purple states like PA, OH & even makes NJ purple. Also, both Christie and Rubio won very nasty elections against huge odds, came out of those elections as rock stars and haven't disappointed their constituents since. They have gone through some pretty solid vetting already on a semi-national stage.

Personally, I'd choose Christie. His ability to speak and win people over is flat-out remarkable. I'm struggling to think of anyone that matches his talent in that area. He will demolish Clinton (the incoming VP) in the VP debates.

Stephen Monteith said...

If Romney wins Iowa and NH, then he Will win SC. Seriously, the only way Gingrich could continue his high numbers in SC is if he is in the top three in Iowa and top two in NH. He's currently in fourth place in Iowa, and could conceivably drop to fourth (behind Paul and Huntsman) in NH. Either happens, Gingrich is finished.

Now, as for VP. I like Martinez's personal story, especially about how she and her husband decided to become Republicans. She could be an effective advocate among the Hispanic community; but, she doesn't have enough experience. Same with Christie, Allen, Haley, and Rubio. David Petraeus could be a great pick, and so could Bobby Jindal. They're who I would pick.

Anonymous said...

The only one that I agree on is that Castro will remain alive.
Kari D.