Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Case You Missed It...

One has to wonder if Sarah Palin is regretting her decision.
...The grassroots conservative movement has yet to throw its support behind a Republican presidential candidate because “we don’t have the female Ronald Reagan running — and that’s Sarah Palin,” said Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express.

“We haven’t engaged in presidential politics yet because the movement hasn’t coalesced around anybody, so we’re just sitting back and waiting,” Kremer added.

Predicting that a good slice of the country’s conservatives will not make up their minds until they are standing in front of the ballot box, Kremer singled out the former Alaska governor as “the only person out there right now that can truly excite the base.”...
This won't sit well with Bachmann's constituents back home. Primary challenge, anyone?
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) won’t be returning to Congress on Friday to vote against a $1 trillion spending package that preserves funding for President Obama’s healthcare reform law, her office told The Hill.


Bachmann has amassed the 10th-worst attendance record in Congress. She has missed 501 votes — or 11 percent of the total — since entering the House in 2007,...
When I first heard Mitt claim he was forced to crap in a bucket while living in France, I wondered how long it would take for the bottom to fall out of his story.
Members of Mitt Romney’s own church are casting doubts on his claims that he had to use a bucket as a toilet and lived a life of poverty as a Mormon missionary in Paris.

Instead, the house he lived in during much of his 2-1/2 years in France had stained-glass windows, chandeliers, an extensive art collection, and even a Spanish chef, Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports.

“It was a house built by and for rich people,” said Richard Anderson, the son of the mission president at the time of Romney’s stay. “I would describe it as a palace.”...
How long before Bachmann brings up his newsletter?
"She doesn't like Muslims," Paul said, when asked about his congressional colleague from Minnesota. "She hates Muslims. She wants to go get them."

And Rick Santorum?

"He hates gay people and Muslims," Paul said.

More here and here
Obama rates himself as the fourth greatest US President of all time.
...I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history...

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Anonymous said...


I don't have to read the story, or even look it up because I know it's so flat out silly that Mitt would lie about his living conditions in France.

In fact, you have to be either utterly stupid to fall for such a story, or you have to despise Romney with a passion so great you have lost your capacity to reason.

To believe that Romney is this close to sealing the deal, and would throw it all away with a fantastic, easily disproved lie is to believe the impossible.


But FYI, missionaries never stay in one place very long. It is probably true that Romney lived in the mission home for some part of his mission, and that it was like a 'palace'. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the Palinistas still pining.

I do believe she would be ahead of Perry, though. Possibly Bachmann as well. However, Michele has done well for herself in the debates, in spite of her tendency to stretch the truth. She;s got policy chops that Palin probably doesn't have.


BOSMAN said...


I like this idea of yours.

I was thinking of a name something like, "Maybe you missed this?"

Anonymous said...

RW, did you give up on Newt yet?


Teemu said...

Though isn't not voting same In practice as voting against? Just like it is for Senate votes?

Right Wingnut said...

Martha, Newsmax quoted the son of the Mission President. I'm not sure what incentive that individual would have to make it up.

It's possible that he may lived a few days or weeks under such conditions, but I suspect it was rather short lived. Mitt has a tendency to overstate these things. This reminds me of his statements of his father marching with Martin Luther King.

Right Wingnut said...

Martha, I've told you many times, I don't like Newt all that much. However, I don't like the vicious smear attacks and distortions that I'm seeing right now.

Lionhead said...

Wow! Martha, "I don't have to read the story, or even look it up because I know it's so flat out silly..." Sounds like you've made a judgment call here & you refuse to receive any other facts on it. Amazing.

I don't like Mitt, but I do read & watch what he says & does. Don't you think that is a good thing to do on all the candidates?

Back to Odds 'n Ends:

"“We haven’t engaged in presidential politics yet because the movement hasn’t coalesced around anybody, so we’re just sitting back and waiting,” Kremer added.""

True that is & the longer that remains, the higher the probability of a new candidate or third party. Can no one see or acknowledge the obvious?

Now, here's something most people have completely missed in the bickering 'n bloviating going on this week.

This is a progressive issue & was passed under the radar. I would like to have Mitt's stance on this issue when the rubber meets the road next week. Please no subjective opinions, fact.

Lionhead said...

Post Script:

As I have been mentioning, there's a 224 year political change cycle for a nation that is divided into 26, 8.615 year parts. So you are aware of the 'calendar' in the cycle we're in look here:

Yes, 4 years left. This is the election of a lifetime & may prove to be the last. Think long, review all the candidates & facts, choose wisely.

Terrye said...

Sarah Palin can not win the nomination or the general election. She knows that.

As for the remarks about Romney and his claims of the life he lived when he was doing missionary work...if RWN would bother reading the man's book instead of dredging up idiot claims about him lying RWN would discover that Romney himself made it plain that he lived in different places under different circumstances..he had limited funds and was doing missionary work in rural areas as well as some more prosperous urban ones. He never claimed otherwise.

Anonymous said...


I completely agree with you regarding the negative implications of the bill to hold U.S. citizens in the U.S. indefinitely. What's to prevent someone like Obama from targeting right wing movements and accusing them of terroristic threats and holding them without due process.

I also thought Gingrich's idea of having a president overriding judicial rulings, if he does not like the outcome was unconstitutional. What is to prevent someone like Obama from overriding conservative judges rulings? I know Romney opposed this at the debate...I would think he would have opposed the ability to detain U.S. citizens as well....but that is a very good question to ask.

Terrye said...

Oh and quoting the son of the Mission president..does not mean a damn thing to me...My God, I heard plenty of people who were a lot closer to Sarah Palin than this son of a mission president is to Mitt Romney say all kinds of crappy things about her. But the Palinistas just claimed it was all part of the big fat conspiracy to ruin her because she alone is the real and true conservative...

Anonymous said...

Newsmax edited out this very important line found in The Telegraph:

Mr Romney moved into the building following a stay in Bordeaux, after being promoted to assistant to the president, Duane Anderson. He arrived in the spring of 1968, weeks before Paris erupted into riots, and returned to the US that December. He was given a room on the third floor.

"That building" is the mansion in question. Romney may have stayed there longer because Leola Anderson, the wife of mission president Duane Anderson, died that spring in a car crash. That car crash was the same one Romney was nearly killed in himself.

I've heard Romney talk of this story before and from memory I believe he said he was given more responsibilities after this incident, because Duane Anderson was griving his wife's death. So, he may have stayed in "that building" longer, but Romney, returned from his mission to the US, married his wife Ann in March of '69. So, he wasn't there long out of his two and a half years of mission.

This is just another hit piece on Mitt to try and make him appear as inauthentic and out of touch.

Lionhead said...

@leighrow, Yes, this is the issue that any future President might use this Bill to pick & choose who will be free. It doesn't matter which side of the aisle. Likely Obama will pass it, so once again, he can increase his power over the Nation.

Since I believe Newt is a progressive, I can see him being in favor of the Bill. It would increase his power exponentially should he be elected. Mark Levin pointed out Congress should have the power to override the Judiciary, but only with a super-majority of votes. I agree with this. Let the People's representatives override the Judiciary when & if necessary, but it is not to be used indiscriminately or by the Executive Branch.

I hope all the candidates will address this issue not only for their stands, but to use against Obama to usurp more power. Shame on Sen. McCain for championing this bill.

Terrye said...

Also remember when this was..when my ex and I were very young we bought on old farm on contract..we lived in some pretty primitive conditions for the first couple of years we were there..and that was in rural Indiana..not France. back in the 60s there were still a lot of places that did not have the kind of plumbing and electricity and even phone hook ups we expect today.

In fact, I had a party line until 1975.

Right Wingnut said...


In the 70s, I had to use an out house for two years (even in 20 below temperatures), and also had a party line. We were poor with a capital "P."

Right Wingnut said...

In the above scenario, I was about 6 years old. The shack I lived in was so run down, the other kids on the school bus didn't believe that I actually lived in it. Thinking back on that situation puts everything in it's proper perspective.

marK said...

And when I was young, we were so poor, the wolf at the door had to bring sandwiches.

Your point?

Right Wingnut said...

My point is that it's hard to take seriously these comments from a man who's father was the CEO of General Motors. I don't begrudge his family for attaining that level of success, but Mitt's attempt to portray himself as the "common man" has failed miserably.

marK said...

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if what Mitt said about using a bucket was true. When a young man serves a mission, he never, ever stays long in the same place. Just because he lived in the Mission Home for a few months doesn't preclude him having to live under primitive conditions elsewhere.

I, myself, lived in a wide variety of conditions on my mission to England. One flat (apartment to you Yanks) had a water closet (bathroom) down three flights of stairs shared with three other tenants plus the landlord. Most had bathtubs. Only one had a shower. Few had warm water to bathe in. One didn't have central heating. We had to use a paraffin heater.

The mission home seemed like a palace.

But that was over thirty years ago. Who flipping cares? It's what you are today that matters, not what you were thirty-five years ago. It's what you've made of yourself.

marK said...

RW:"Mitt's attempt to portray himself as the "common man" has failed miserably."

Hmmmm. Maybe if you would do something besides knee-jerk assume anything and everything he says or does is bad or a lie or a pander or a misrepresentation, you might actually see the real Mitt instead of the caricature you and others have created.

The man has his faults. I absolutely, positively agree with that. But why must you always assume the worst in him? Why must you view everything he says or does in the worst possible light?

Terrye said...

If I remember correctly his father worked his way up the line in American Motors....I am sure the Democrats and the OWS crowd would approve of your resort to class warfare.

My point is that if Romney said he lived in some rough conditions for a while when he was doing missionary is not that difficult to believe it was true..

And Romney's grandparents were poor..but I take it that hard work and success have become bad things among the true conservative bunch these days.

I will tell you this, Sarah Palin's kids are not exactly wanting for anything either...does that mean they can not ever claim any connection with the majority of the American people?

Machtyn said...

I like Palin. I think Kremer may be right with this comment, the only person out there right now that can truly excite the base." However, it would only be the base. She would, unfortunately, also mobilize the Democrats more effectively than Obama, because of their unfounded, media-driven fear of her.

In regards to Mitt's mission experiences. Rich, poor, a missionary will live through all sorts of experiences. Whether Elder Romney had to find a spot off the side of a road as he was walking between communities, had to use a bucket at a farm house, or lived in the city with stained glass windows may all be true and factual. To me, it's a throw-away story. He has much better ones, particularly serving as a Bishop and Stake President. Particularly when searching for his friend's daughter. Particularly when help a family cleanup their house after the fires in CA.

Right Wingnut said...

Terrye, I don't know about Palin's kids, but if you've ever read Going Rogue, you would know that she grew up with only the bare necessities. They literally lived off the land in harsh conditions.

Right Wingnut said...

In fact, her brother expanded on that quite a bit in an interview not long ago.

Right Wingnut said...

iPhone won't let me paste the link

Massachusetts Conservative said...

RW, this post makes it seem like you are regretting Palin's decision, not Palin.

Not happy with Newt anymore?

Terrye said...


I know about her upbringing and I also know that you are blaming Romney for his father's if that was a bad I am just saying that I guess that means that Palin's kids are the same sort of people as Romney..since Mom is very rich and very connected.

BTW, if money is a barometer of who is and is not of the about Rush Limbaugh and his million dollar wedding with Sir Elton John singing for the blushing gold digger..I mean bride.

Terrye said...

So you don't need to come with a link talking about how Sarah killed her own food and heated with wood. I know all fact, I did exactly the same thing. I even milked cows, canned food, made my own clothes...heated with wood, cooked on a wood stove and did without a lot of things to pay for that spare me the heart warming story of Sarah's tough upbringing.

Right Wingnut said...


My points have nothing to do with begrudging the success of the Romneys. It's about the phoniness he often displays when trying to convince voters that he's suffered "hardships" like everyone else.

Massachusetts Conservative said...


When has Mitt ever tried to convince voters he has experienced harships?

You are making things up.

Provide ONE shred of evidence. ONE.

Right Wingnut said...

His dad made him pick weeds when was a kid, rather than hire a gardner . That may not be a true definition of hardship, but that is often the answer he gives to paint a different picture of his upbringing than the one so many voters have in their minds. The "bucket" experience he talked about is meant to do the same thing. It doesn't come off as authentic. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

MIT also stated in the debate that he did not grow up poor, and that if that's a necessary requirement, then he's not your man...doesn't really seem like he's running away from or trying to hide his roots. Pretty bold and honest thing to say when the party has moved in such a populist direction...but of course, Mitt is always trying to deceive.


Terrye said...


You are full of it..Mitt never pretended that he grew up poor. He said his father made them do chores and get jobs so that they would have some idea what it was like to that really such a terrible thing?

Mitt Romney never pretended he was poor or suffering. He did mention that he was a lay minister for his church and as such he had to work with people who had suffered hardship..he never said he himself had gone without anything.

You are just being a snot about the whole thing..trying to create an issue where there is not an issue.

Right Wingnut said...

I'm just trying to shed some light on why 75% of the GOP electorate hasn't warmed to him. Whether or not you want to hear it is your choice.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Mitt father was the CEO of American Motors NOT General Motors.

But I still got the lame point you trying to make.

George Romney could have hired a gardner, but he chose to instill values in his children. While it may not be a hardship, it seemed to have paid off.

I never liked "populist elitism" in polotics. "we're poor, so we're more honest, more real, etc>"

Bull shot!

Terrye said...

Right Wing Nut...since when do you speak for 74% of the electorate?

Terrye said...

I mean, really...are you saying that 75% of the Republicans hate rich people? If that is true, shouldn't they be occupying something?

Lionhead said...

"My friends were poor, but honest."

o Helena, scene iii

"No legacy is so rich as honesty."

* Mariana, scene v

All's Well That Ends Well

Right Wingnut said...


No. I love rich people. If it weren't for them, I'd have to find another line of work.

You're still missing the point.

Lionhead said...

RW, there's a game afoot now that is not obvious, but as the game unfolds you will see the big picture. The playbook is not new, so if you reflect a bit you'll see it.

The daily campaign noise is just that; but it will be woven into the play as a tapestry. Think of Newt 'n Mitt as trial balloons that have floated higher than the rest. One may succeed, or both may pop.

If the 'third man' is needed for warmth, he will appear when the time has come. If Mr. Potatohead had acted his part right, he may have had a chance. We'll get a new man to fill his 'boots.' Enjoy the play, for we are in the early acts.

Keep your eyez on the Prize.

Right Wingnut said...


Of course I see it. It's the same playbook the power brokers have used since the beginning of time.

However, this time, things aren't as they seem. Mitt thinks Karl Rove and his minions are his friends. Think for a second. Who made Karl Rove? When you answer that question, you're half way to the truth.

Right Wingnut said...

On another note, do the MittHeads realize that they will need the ABRs to win a general election? According to Rasmussen, self-identified Republicans make up 34.3% of the electorate. According to Gallup, 76% of those voters prefer ABR. That accounts for a staggering 26.07% of the general electorate. A majority of those will almost certainly fall in line by November, but he will need at least 90-95% of the ABRs to have a chance.

Could it be that the MittHeads believe that he will garner enough votes from Dems and indies to make up for the countless conservatives who are likely to stay home? I suspect that to be the plan, but I'm not aware of an election in recent history that actually played out that way.

In short, MittHeads need to start courting the ABRs. Constant mockery and ridicule of those who see things differently will only compound the problems that Mitt has with the base.

It's going to be a long year.....

Right Wingnut said...

Karl Rove will offer lip service on TV, but will do nothing significant to further the cause of Willard Mitt Romney. He still hold the keys to the White House.

GHWB and Barbara want to see Jeb in the White House. Lets face it. They probably won't be around until 2020. Do the math.

Right Wingnut said...

2016 won't be a cake walk for Jeb after nominating back to back squishes. Of course, the last name won't help either.

If Willard gets nominated and loses in the general, I can almost guarantee a third party emerging for 2016. The Republican party will go the way of the Whigs.

Ohio JOE said...

"I also know that you are blaming Romney for his father's success" Huh???

Lionhead said...

RW, now you're on the game. The Mitt 'rope-a-dope' strategy is on as the cattle chute drive continues on the 'doggies.' I can hear the mighty Wurlitzer playing at full pitch. The saturation of endorsements is on full.

Here's a tidbit for ya re the Des Moines Register endorsement. The progressive hook up with ABC news says a lot when they had the debate there:

Forget about the RP stuff. The oligarchs want Mitt, for they fear obama will get down deep in their pockets. They want control of the gov't, but they don't want the marxists picking their pockets. Their problem, as you mention, is to get the ABR's to accept him as a man cut from the same cloth.

The operators here don't want to discontinue the attack Newt gambit, so they're behind the big guyz who are trying to consolidate the cattle 'round Romney.

The Red Team / Blue Team stuff is getting obsolete now, so if the Repubs loose again, the Third Party can branch off as you mentioned. Everything has a shelf life & the boyz have pushed it too far. Having the looser Dole endorse Mitt is hilarious. He's been 'kissed' by a toad.

Anonymous said...

This argument about whether Mitt did or did not use a bucket to wash with in France is a little too far-fetched. I was a missionary in Japan. Our mission home was a LOT nicer than any of the places the other missionaries lived in. We didn't have any sisters living in the Mission home at all, so everywhere I lived was a "dive" compared to almost any apartment in the States. I used a bucket to wash with because most of the places I lived in had no showers. We had the big O-furo (large bathtubs).

My son is in Central America, and sometimes uses his chlorinated water for his dishes to wash with when his apartment runs out of water. I don't know ANYONE who has served as a missionary for our Church who has lived in really nice conditions for the entire time they served.


Right Wingnut said...


He didn't say he used a bucket to wash with. He said he used one as a toilet.