Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Newt Gingrich doesn't qualify for Missouri primary and comes up short in New Hampshire

Gingrich failed to file and insists that it wasn't and oversight and that he considers it a beauty contest. I guess a campaign spokesman didn't get the memo. It was previously stated by a campaign spokesperson that they skipped the primary there because the filing fee was to high.

In New Hampshire, Gingrich filed a sloppy delegate list that came up short on his full quota of potential delegates. Gingrich filed a list of 14 delegates and 13 alternates. Other candidates like Romney, Paul, Huntsman, and Perry turned in neatly organized lists with their full quota of potential delegates, 20 delegates and 20 alternates.

Makes me wonder if Gingrich is taking all this seriously.

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Graham said...

It brings to mind the SNL skits that jokingly say he doesn't really want it.

So what does this mean for NH?

Anonymous said...

I thought Union Leader called him innovative. I guess UL lowered its standards. Feel sorry for Newt & UL.

Anonymous said...

I do think Newt wants it badly---he has for years. But he can't get past his own inadequacies.

Wake up people.


Machtyn said...

"This is just one more example, in a growing list, as to how we are running a different type of campaign," said Mattheau LeDuc in the statement.

Hmm, the last time I heard that statement that candidates campaign had a funny thing happen on the way to the White House. (It got derailed.)

In any case, we know that Gingrich is running on a shoe string budget after having lost most of his staff back in July or August. Even now, are the power broker donors lining up for him? We know many went with Perry, then Cain. Do they have the fortitude to do this a third time? Maybe even a fourth after Gingrich implodes and Santorum or another jumps to the lead? (I doubt they'd jump on with Ron Paul or Jon Huntsman or Mitt Romney if they haven't done so already.)

craigs said...

Bos...The bigger hit may be on the way. Newt has 2 weeks to qualify for the Virginia primary, the third in the south after Florida and S. Carolina. To qualify he needs 15,000 signatures from Registered Voters including 600 from each of Virginia's 11 Congressional Districts.
He may say he doesn't care about Missouri......but he really better care about Virginia


Terrye said...

I heard he might not be able to make it in Ohio either..is that a beauty contest too?