Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mormons and Presidential Politics in 2012

The content of this post is my opinion. It is based on my own personal experience in my circle of friends, family and acquaintances, but it has no foundation in scientific data.

There are four categories of Mormons when it comes to presidential politics in 2012.

First, there are the Mormons who support Mitt Romney for the wrong reason – that he's a Mormon. I was sitting in Costco one day, having lunch with my girls, when a guy I know stopped and said “hi.” This guy is a facebook friend of mine, so he knows where I stand. And we chatted for a few minutes, and he said, "Well, I guess I'm going to vote for Mitt Romney. I mean, he's a Mormon after all." I proceeded to lay into him and tell him that was the wrong reason, and then I went into detail the reasons I support Romney – why I was able to get past Romney's imperfections, and why his strengths drew me to him.

Second, there are the Mormons who support Ron Paul. Of the Mormons who are engaged in politics, I think there are a fair number who are drawn to Ron Paul's commitment to the Constitution and the abolition of the fed. My brother falls into this category, as well as other LDS facebook friends of mine. I personally like Ron Paul's commitment to the Constitution myself, but I can't support him because I don't like his ideas on foreign policy, I don't see that Paul would have the ability to get the support in Congress to get anything done, and I think his approach is too radical.

Third, there the Mormons who just don't like Romney, but are not necessarily attracted to any of the other candidates either. I only know one person who falls into this category, and it is my father-in-law. A few years back I was reading Turnaround, and had it with me when I was with my father-in-law. He asked me what I was reading, and I showed him, and asked him if he wanted to borrow it. He said something that really bothered me, and I think it is a problem across the entire GOP electorate. He said, “No. I don't like Romney, and I don't want to know anything good about him.” I didn't engage him further, because frankly I am a little intimidated by my father-in-law, but I have thought a lot about what he said, and I believe his attitude is common in the GOP. He (and others) have their opinion, and are unwilling to learn anything that might change their mind.

The fourth and final category is Mormons who support Romney for the right reasons. I like to think I fall into this category. I have researched the candidates, and find that all of them are imperfect, but the one who I think is most qualified is Mitt Romney. He has the private sector credentials. He has the conservative positions. He has the leadership experience. He has executive experience. He has a record of success in every enterprise he has ever led. He has the intelligence. He has the demeanor. He has been preparing for the most important job in the world for a long time, and he has taken it seriously. He has policies and plans ready for when he takes office. No other candidate, in my opinion, combines all of the attributes necessary to be a good President of the United States as well as Mitt Romney does.


marK said...


Apparently all the Mormons you know are Republicans. I know more than a few that are Democrat. A fair number of them are voting for Obama.

Machtyn said...

Well, where noelle and I are, there aren't too many LDS and most of them tend to be Republican.

Noelle said...

I guess I should have made my title Mormons and GOP Presidential Politics in 2012. Actually I do have a good friend who is LDS and a democrat, although I haven't talked to him recently about his view of Obama.

Nancy said...

I am LDS and I share your view. I have been a supporter of Newt Gingrich in the past and have a couple of his books. I've been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the repentance issue, too. However, as I have researched his positions and how he has no real core and has even been dishonest with his taking money from Fannie and Freddy, I personally feel that he is not a principled leader and could not be considered trustworthy. I support Mitt Romney for all the great reasons you have cited here. We need good examples now more than ever for our kids and I really hope that he gets the nomination and takes the fight all the way to the White House. Mitt Romney 2012!

Lionhead said...

"God's benison go with you; and with those
That would make good of bad, and friends of foes!"

o Old Man, Scene IV, Macbeth

Anonymous said...


I think there are as many LDS members who reject Romney simply because he is a Mormon, (and don't want to be seen as supporting him for his faith), as there are members who support him only because of his faith. So I guess it equals out overall.

I have some extended family members who can't stand Romney--mostly because they haven't bothered to learn anything about him beyond his former pro-choice views.

It's unfortunate, but many of the people I know, don't do any homework on the candidates. They get a soundbite here and there, and believe whatever FOX or others tells them. I realize I'm a obsessed with politics, but it really bothers me that vote without learning everything they can about the options.

I am with you in that I support Romney because I believe he has extraordinary qualities above the others. He is a man for this moment, IMO. If he were not running, my preferences would be Jindal, Christie, Jeb, Daniels, and anyone is the same mold.

MarK, Did you see the article in the Deseret News today about LDS stereotypes? 59% of LDS people identify themselves as Republican. It's about what I would have expected.


PS. Dan, when I read this I thought it was your post at first.

Anonymous said...

Lionhead stuck on MacBeth. Apparently he has some real fears concerning Romney . . .


Graham said...

Thanks for this Noelle. I had a lot of discussions with people about being LDS/GOP back in 2008. I'm in NV, and I frequently heard the "You're just voting for Romney 'cause he's Mormon."

I usually responded, "Harry Reid's Mormon, I'd never be caught dead voting for that *******."


But yeah, voting for/against Romney because he's Mormon is just as stupid as voting for/against Obama because he's black. Let's be about ideas and substance.

Ohio JOE said...

Good and interesting post Noelle. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I also know a few Mormons who are Paul supporters. And I know several who are democrats, including over half of my in-laws.

There is an interesting subset of Mormons who don't want Mitt because they are afraid of all the negative press that will be unleashed against the Mormon candidate. I know quite a few of these and think that they are mostly spinelesss. They also tend to live in areas of high LDS concentration, like UT and ID. Soome of them are family who are too afraid to leave Utah because they'd have to live next to and work with people of other religions.


Right Wingnut said...

If religious beliefs are a factor in the support and enthusiasm for Romney, that's OK. Based on the high number if a Mormons on these threads, it's obviously a contributing factor for some people. We live in a free country. We're allowed to use whatever criteria we choose for selecting a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Noelle...what a great post. You've always had my respect for the kind and heartfelt backing of your candidate of choice. I think everyone on Rightspeak respects your views and the sincerity you bring to the discussion.

Thanks Noelle,


Lionhead said...

Hi Martha, I have no fears about Romney, he poses no threat to anyone. He makes a great status quo candidate. My fear is upon his nomination, he loses the general election & "we" lose the Republic.

Now, I do think Romney has his own fears about not being nominated. Hence, his policy changes in his campaign. People that fear losing something, generally do things to cause the thing they fear to happen. So, in the fullness of time we'll see if he can seize the brass ring.

He is a very interesting character in the American scene.

Anonymous said...

LionHead, just curious who your candidate of choice is? Nice post noelle

Anonymous said...

In the past, Mormons or LDS, have had no problems supporting Christian candidates. On the other hand, Christians have a hard time supporting a candidates who are LDS.

Many LDS support Romney, because he has the best resume and the best resume tailor made for the current economic mess.

Anonymous said...

If we can only send harry reid into retirement already.


Lionhead said...

In decending order: Santorum, Bachmann, & Perry.