Monday, December 19, 2011

Mitt Romney's 'Fox News Sunday' interview with Chris Wallace(FULL VIDEO 12-18-11)

I've seen just about every video interview Mitt Romney has done over the years, I rate this as one of his best, if not his best. You decide:

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Anonymous said...

excellent interview! Romney really loves his wife, and she would make a great first lady!

Anonymous said...

Romney almost made me damn near cry.

Anonymous said...

What a great interview.

This should put the Romney is a 'stiff' to rest.

Romney 2012!

Anonymous said...

God I hope this man becomes president.

larry said...


What a moving interview.

kelly said...

Mitt just sealed the deal with married female Republicans.

What a wonderful man and husband.

Miriam123 said...

I skipped the part of Romney maundering on about his wife. I had had enough when he defended his plan to give tax breaks to those earning less than 250k but keep the top brackets for those earning more. Also when he put down the plans of others to overhaul the tax code and reduce corporate tax rates. Barf.

Gingrich: Big Idea Statist

Romney: Little Idea Statist

Pick your poison. I'll stick with Bachmann or Santorum (Bachmann in my case) who are not statists of any stripe. Vote your ideals in the primary, vote your party in the general.

Anonymous said...

No... Miriam You have to look at the electabilty of a candidate in the primary as well. Bachman nor Santorum have any chance of defeating Obama.

Romney is our only chance to defeat Obama! !!!

Romney is also correct in his tax strategy .... he would gladly be willing to cut taxes further if it wouldn't create more debt.

ConMan said...


"I skipped the part of Romney maundering on about his wife."

I'm sure Gingrich had a hard time watching that as well.

Fortunately for Romney, enough Americans do identify with his feelings towards his ONE AND ONLY soulmate!

Revolution 2012 said...


I agree.

My wife is warming up to Romney. She was moved by the comments he made about his wife Ann and the thought of death. I to was moved as well, but then again, I'm already in his camp.

Terrye said...

It really was a good if you are an irrational hater, you might disagree..but to most sane observers I think it was probably his best interview..I think the part where he talked about his wife was the best part of the interview.

Terrye said...

Miriam...would you prefer that he screwed around her, left her when she was sick, married his girlfriend and then screwed around on her too?

And I don't even know what you are talking about when it comes to taxes..Romney is not talking about raising taxes on anyone.