Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mitt Romney's Boys Talk-up their Dad (VIDEO 12-29-11)

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s seemingly indestructible coif has made headlines and inspired imitations — but Craig Romney said yesterday he believes the hairdo for the lead character on NBC’s hit series “30 Rock,” die-hard conservative Jack Donaghy, is based on the former Bay State governor’s much-admired locks.

“I’m convinced that they modeled Alec Baldwin’s hair after my dad’s hair — if you look at them side by side,” said Craig Romney, the youngest of Mitt Romney’s sons. “I think it would be great for (Mitt Romney) to make a cameo on ‘30 Rock.’ ... They’ve mentioned him a few times on the show. I actually think, not Alec Baldwin, but his character’s a big fan of my dad’s on the show.”

The full story is HERE.

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1 comment:

Christian said...

Celebrity hair? Obama birth? What the heck? Send these boys back home to be with their kids for the holidays.