Monday, December 26, 2011

Mike Huckabee handicaps Iowa Caucus on 'Fox News Sunday'

BTW, The 10 Day extended forecast for the state of Iowa for Tuesday, January 3 is generally  MOSTLY SUNNY!.

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corep said...

love that weather forecast :)

Ben said...

Most likely the thought of a Paul victory in Iowa will bring out Iowan's who won't want to be embarrassed by him winning there.

If he wins, Iowa's significance disappears.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Huckabee said in this video that the reason he didn't run (and will not run) is that the environment is so toxic.

Specifically, he indicated that he knew he would not win because voters want him to "savage" Obama and by not savaging the other candidates and Obama, he would easily lose.

In a nutshell, Huckabee indicated that the base is full of hateful nutjobs and borderline psychopaths.

Teemu said...

I think Iowa has always been won by "big tent" Republican, there hasn't been a win by Representative of one wing, like Pat Buchanan in NH. Even though a tele evangelical Pat Robertson got more votes than GHWB in 1988, Bob Dole won it by double digits. GWB won over Steve Forbes by double digits also.

hamaca said...


Interesting comment by Huck. I'm guessing the toxicity in politics today will result in our "deep bench" not being so deep in 2016 or 2020. Many of them will decide it's just not worth it, especially for their families.

I'm convinced it was also a main reason Daniels didn't get in. He saw the toxicity and decided, screw this.

newark hawk said...

Here's why Mike Huckabee didn't enter the 2012 GOP presidential race: