Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas gift to the Right Speak community is that I am going to give you guys the top five comments from Red State posters about Rick Perry and the VA ballet fiasco. Enjoy!

1. Keep in mind that Perry didn't get in until August

Paula (Diary) Saturday, December 24th at 11:36AM EST (link)
The Romney family got in sometime during the Johnson administration and Ron Paul started running for president in the 80′s.
(My comment: Yes, Romney has been collecting signatures since the Johnson administration. That's why he succeeded and Rick Perry failed at something Dennis Kucinich accomplished in 2000).

2. You're missing the point

Paula (Diary) Saturday, December 24th at 12:06PM EST (link)
that this is a ridiculously burdensome requirement, clearly designed to “weed out’ campaigns. Nice of VA to impose that valuable service on the country and save the rest of us that whole boring primary thingy, right?

Note that it wasn’t until 2000 that this 10,000 signature process was used in a VA presidential primary. The first time around, two candidates almost didn’t make it onto the ballot.
(My comment: Well, that settles it. Two people in 2000 almost didn't make it).

3. Agree, circleg'.

westcoastpatriette (Diary) Saturday, December 24th at 12:45PM EST (link)
This is one case where the GOP needs to use the tactics of the left who would be screaming bloody murder and challenging this decision in court based upon excessively burdensome qualifying rules that disenfranchise a huge portion of the electorate.
Who knows. It just might work.
(My comment: Maybe Newt can just abolish the courts and then, er, wait, that won't work either). 

4. Perry

greyeagle Saturday, December 24th at 9:50PM EST (link)
According to I think it was rickprerryreport, the Perry Campaign turned in over 11,000 and I think it was 11, 300 or 11,600. Somehow over 1,000 signatures were not allowed. That kind of smells to me.
(My comment: I have a suggestion. Perhaps over 1,000 Rick Perry voters were unable to correctly read the form or sign their own name. It is clearly possible given their candidate of choice). 

And my favorite and number five from Moe Lane, the guy who wrote the original post. He naturally placed the burden on the Romney campaign to prove that nothing shady happened. I have placed in bold the parts of Moe's comments that literally caused my breath to be taken away.
There is one good way for the Romney campaign to get at least a little distance between themselves and the situation, and it involves the number of signatures.  The VA GOP required 10K signatures (with 400 from each district); but they also declared that anyone who brought in 15K (with 600 from each district) would not need to have those signatures verified.  If I was advising the Romney campaign right now, I would be telling them to publicly go to the VA GOP and make arrangements to have Romney’s votes certified anywayThis would allow them to simultaneously show evidence that the campaign had nothing to hide and to subtly reinforce the point that they got all of these signatures in the first place.  Doing this will not kill the rumors, but it’ll provide a better defense than “the rules are the rules.”
I only sifted through the first couple of comments at one Red State post. I am sure there are many more little nuggets of joy that I could have imparted to you on this most festive of days. But alas it is Christmas! 


Machtyn said...

The thing is, Pablo, according to a report I read, Romney's team did run verification on their names. It turns out far less than 90% were valid. (Gingrich needed 90% to even remain on the ballot.) So, it is not unheard of to get a large number of signatures invalidated for one reason or another.

Tony said...

Merry Cristmas to all of you here at Right Speak.God Bless us all!

Anonymous said...

There really should be some kind of stupid test to determine if a voter is too stupid to be trusted with this nation's future.


Tony said...

In response to greayeagle, Why is it you feel Romney needs to be on the defence again? I didnt get that part you moron! He had nothing to do with the Grinch or Oopses failed campaign in Virginia. Freakin liberals like you always pointing fingers at anyone but your selves for their faults.

Slick-Willy said...

Just comical how the original poster suggested that Rick/Newt failure in VA is something Mitt needs to worry about. As if Newt/Rick couldn't have also snagged 15k sigs to avoid mass embarrassment... LOL

This clearly demonstrates the absurd echo chamber that redstate has become. It's comical that those morons actually buy into their massive bias.

Tony said...

If you look down towards the bottom few comment's you will see a cpl people suggesting Mitt withdraw from Virginia to prove he is presidential and it would prove he is a gentleman. Have these people lost their minds? Gee Maybe mitt should have helped them with getting signatures that would have been a nice thing to do to right! Wow do we need Mitt to win badly.