Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Lone, Brave Voice

There is nobody who better understands the underlying problems within the conservative movement today than David Frum. Why is the Republican field so weak and why are we on the verge of nominating somebody so repulsive to the general republic at large? Frum nails this one. Oh, and you will never guess which non-Romney, non-Huntsman candidate he praises at the end.

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Machtyn said...

Why Santorum didn't get the next FOTM ABR spot is beyond me. He was the logical next choice. But, I suppose the ABR crowd likes firebrand more than their supposed values.

Terrye said...

I could vote for Santorum. Gingrich...I am not so sure I can do that.

And that is something else about conservative media, they refuse to actually vet the people who need to be vetted..they make excuses for someone like Gingrich and pretend that lobbying is not lobbying and that ethics violations are just partisan long did it take them to realize that Cain was not even remotely prepared for this race?

No, Frum has a point..the people who should be running in the GOP don't want to deal with the idiots on talk radio and their ilk and that leaves us with a weaker field and then they make weaker still by ignoring someone like Santorum while they go from one loser to the other..culminating with that crook Gingrich.

leighrow said...


I agree. I would have no problem voting for Santorum or Bachmann. Romney is still my number one choice but Gingrich makes me ill.

Terrye said...


Same here. I guess we should be glad that Bernie Madoff is in jail or these clowns would be trying to make him the nominee.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, I never really thought about it, but he's right about the way FOX and people like Rush keep their audiences. It's almost like bainwashing.