Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mitt Romney's "Major Policy Speech" in New Hampshire (FULL VIDEO 12-20-110)


If you missed Romney's speech, I have the entire video for you below. CLICK the button under the photo. ENJOY!


GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney arrives in Bedford, New Hampshire, for a week-long visit to the state. This evening he will deliver what his campaign is calling a “major policy speech.”

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1 comment:

Machtyn said...

This was an incredible speech, although I only read the transcript.

My favorite lines, spliced together are:
"If this election is a bidding war for who can promise more benefits, that's a battle I'm not going to join. This will be a campaign about the soul of America, about American greatness.

"I say let's fight for that America. The America that brings out the best in each of us, that challenges us to be better and bigger than ourselves."