Saturday, December 24, 2011

Joe Biden sends Mitt Romney a Christmas Present

There is an old saying that good thinks come in small packages. No, Biden didn't send Romney a 10 Carat diamond ring. What he did was worth more than that. In a futile attempt at promoting class warfare, Vice President Foot-n-Mouth wrote an op-ed attack on Romney in an Iowa newspaper. Basically blaming Romney for the bad economy. I know it sounds crazy. But hey, It's Joe Biden.

Here are a few snippets.
Romney appears satisfied to settle for an economy in which fewer people succeed,.....Romney also misleadingly suggests that the president and I are creating an “Entitlement Society,” whereby government provides everything for its people without regard to merit, as opposed to what he calls an “Opportunity Society,” where everything is merit-based and every man is left to fend for himself.
HaHaHaHa...Like merit based is bad....and folks fending for themselves instead of living off the public dole...wait, it gets better....
The president and I firmly believe, like my father, that every man and woman is entitled to basic dignity. And we believe deeply in opportunity — that if you work hard and play by the rules, no opportunity should be out of reach. That is a fundamentally different vision than what the other side has proposed.
Sure that's what you and the President believe. Or maybe by hard work, you mean someone else doing the hard work? BTW, IMHO, 'Dignity' is not an entitlement. Dignity to me means being productive and feeling the satisfaction of ones efforts. Dignity is not feeling sorry for oneself or the want or desire to benefit from someone else's efforts.
Quite simply, the president and I believe this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair share shot,....
Had enough?

The rest of the op-ed is HERE.

Here is Mitt Romney responding today at a NH function:

Someone should have told Biden that Romney needs to get through the primary first and that his badmouthing Romney if anything will boost his poll numbers. I don't think Iowa's Republicans are going to have to much sympathy for Biden..Obama..and their socialist views and cause.

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Anonymous said...

Biden really is an idiot if he thought this would hurt Romney.

Kim said...

I can hear Romney's poll numbers rising there as I speak.

I agree that Biden is only helping Romney's candidacy.