Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Huck's Army Founders Endorse Rick Santorum for President

Alex and Brett Harris, co-founders of Huck's Army, have come out in support of Rick Santorum for President.

From the News release:

Urbandale, IA - Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum announced today that his campaign has received the endorsement of Alex and Brett Harris, co-founders of Huck's Army.

Alex Harris said: "Now is not the time for voters to settle for second or third best, not when we have a candidate like Rick Santorum. Rick is the strongest, most consistent conservative in the race. He is without question the best choice for evangelicals and social conservatives. Rick's record and experience qualify him to lead on the most pressing issues facing our country, because he's already done it. Whether it's welfare reform, Iranian sanctions, or partial-birth abortion, Rick has not only been on the right side of the issues, he's been leading the charge to get the job done."

Brett Harris said: "Rick Santorum has the same dark horse potential that fueled Mike Huckabee's surprise finish in 2008. You won't hear much about him from the mainstream media, but on the ground in Iowa he's connecting with voters and building momentum at just the right time. Conservatives of every stripe are beginning to realize Rick Santorum is their guy. He is rock solid on the economy, on foreign policy, and on faith and family. Rather than settling for the next 'so-so' candidate, Iowans are poised to deliver another dark horse to the national stage."

Rick Santorum said: "I am excited to receive Alex and Brett's endorsement today. They have been true grassroots champions for Governor Huckabee and the conservative causes we believe in. We need a strong conservative who will stand up for those principles of faith, family, and freedom that make America great, and I am committed to doing just that. I am looking forward to working with Alex and Brett to continue this fight and stand up against the dangerous agenda of the Obama Administration."

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Noelle said...

From what I have observed about Rick Santorum so far, he seems to be a decent man, and as such I would not begrudge him anyone's endorsement. As I see it, however, I don't think Rick has a chance in the primary, and if by some chance he managed to win, I doubt he has what it would take to beat Obama.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Noelle, Santorum is a decent worthy man.

But I'll just remind us that in 08, Huck's Army was one of the sites that encouraged anti-Mormonism, and left bigoted comments on their site.


Anonymous said...

good for rick. He wont come from behind to win Iowa like Huck did but Im hoping he can come in top 3. Im almost sure romney and paul will come in 1st and 2nd either way, but I hope rick can push gingrich out of the 3rd spot.

Anonymous said...

Great! I think Santorum is the only other candidate that is credible, besides Romney. I'm glad that they didn't go with a loser/scum like Perry or Gingrich. Additionally, I would love to see Iowa result in Paul, Romney, and Santorum in that order. Santorum probably doesn't have what it takes to get above 4 in Iowa, but I sincerely wish him well there.

Graham said...

Alex and Brett wrote a book a few years ago that encouraged teens to "do hard things." It was endorsed by Chuck Norris. Not surprised then that they'd be for Huck.

Chuck Norris can do just about anything, but he couldn't get Mike Huckabee nominated. My guess is these kids won't be able to do it for Santorum either.

That being said, I'm okay with Santorum eating into Paul's voters in IA :-D

Drummer Man said...

I like Rick but he has no chance to get the gop nom, so I will stick with the person who has the best chance to beat obama. Mitt is that Man.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Santorum is a jerk with no personality.

Anonymous said...

He does come across as a bit of a jerk in the debates, but we don't really know if that's what he's really like in regular life. In the debates, he's very arrogant, always saying hes the only one etc etc. And he comes off as a whiner.

However, he seems to be a good man, without any skeletons, and knows the issues. I believe he is a true conservative. I'm with you Dan, he's the only other real one I could support.


Anonymous said...

Santorum is definitely not a "jerk". He is passionate and has conviction. He is also an honest person. I do think he can beat Obama for the pure fact that he knows who he is and what he believes in, so he won't be making many gaffes or flip flops like others. He can be a clear contrast to Obama. Don't give up on him because you "think" he can't win...he can with everyone voting their truth, not the media or money deceptions.

Anonymous said...

I am glad they went for Santorum and not for someone like Newt who has all kinds of baggage. I don't think that Santorum has what it takes to win against Obama.

That being said, I wish I hadn't come to the conclusion I have, but I think there are some religious reasons behind some of these decisions. Sad.