Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Great Minds of Talk Radio

There is a nice profile of anti-Mormon bigot Steve Deuce in Atlantic. He is apparently devoting his radio show to doing God's work of stopping that Great Satan Mormon from entering the White House. Here is my favorite line from the Atlantic piece about Deucebag (let me know if I am taking that one too far, but I find it funny).
He's also proudly anti-intellectual, a man who doesn't take himself too seriously. His website declares him a failure at college...
I am fully aware that college is not the be all, end all of intellectualism. There are many brilliant people who never spent their hard earned money on education. However, let's add Deuce to a growing list of talk radio hosts who also failed at college. I am detecting a trend.

Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Sean Hannity

I will remind you of the trends in American demographics. Americans are becoming less white and more educated. The Republican Party is becoming more white and less educated. So it makes perfect sense that these leaders will find an audience.


Anonymous said...

Pablo, I am too lazy to look up all of the vitriol directed at Romney in '08, but you are correct, he is 100% bigot, and all of these other issues he slams Romney for are just cover for his problem Mormonism.

I'm truly enjoying seeing people like Vanderplatts (and soon Deace) get marginalized. Romney is steamrolling them right into the dirt, and I couldn't be happier.

It is sad that our party is headed in the wrong direction. I hope a Romney presidency will help a little.

Merry Christmas Pablo. I learn a lot from you, thanks.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

The Republican Party is in jeopardy in terms of demographics.

We need a standard-bearer who can alter the party's message.

Right now, the party's message is "The only people worthy of respect are old white Christian men over the age of 60."

Our party's message needs to be "This is an opportunity society, not an entitlement society."

Or "This is a merit-based society. Don't work hard in life, and you fail. Work hard in life, and you succeed."

Those are cross-cultural, universal messages that appeal to everyone.

And who is the one saying these things?


Anonymous said...

I'm sick to death of the negative, bombastic talk radio crowd. The sooner these people don't matter anymore the better!

Even though they talk about him all the time, I don't think Reagan would much like what they are doing, nor would he tolerate the bigots.


hamaca said...

They are looking for validation. That's what they have in common.

Robin Ashton said...

I am shocked that anyone can be for Newt. I think he must be the biggest ego-ead in the country to do the immoral things that he has done and think he can still run for President! I hope the American people want a man who is exemplary, not a disgrace. Would we revere Washington if he had had two adulterous affairs and been found unethical and thrown out of Congress? I would hide my head in shame. It is Newt who should hide his head in shame and drop out of this race. I will not be able to vote for Gingrich the whor-ible if my Republican party is so stupid as to raise him to be our choice for President. How can you Newt followers be so blind. Do morals and integrity, and honesty and faithfulness mean nothing to you? There is no way he can beat Obama. Obama will drag out all of Newt’s filthy laundry…(I’m sure we haven’t seen it all yet)and people will say, well, Obama has ruined us economically, but Newt is a bombastic, say whatever is on his head at the minute and apologize later, immoral, disgusting vermine and so at least Obama is a family man….. and there goes the election.
Anyone for Newt needs their head and heart examined.

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Terrye said...

Talk radio has just become a place where a lot of loud mouth morons who have never run anything but their mouths..hang out and trash everyone else.

It is not just Romney that they don't like..they don't like anyone who is not them. They are mean spirited.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your ongoing 'The Village Idiot' series. This stuff really needs to be said. And thanks for outing the bigots. I enjoy your stuff and applaud your efforts.

Merry Christmas.


Phillips Terang Terus said...

Destroying our nominee, whoever that will be, helps Obama in the general election, after all, Obama is not going to attack our nominee on grounds of being non-conservative. Obama will attack our nominee on grounds of being a flake. Mitt should be ashamed of himself for running deceiving adds to suggest Newt is someone he is not. As video suggests, it's not difficult to take snippets and spin them into a false narrative. "If you can't take the heat...get out of the kitchen" is to assume the attackee is allowed INTO the kitchen to defend himself.