Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glenn Beck exposes Newt Gingrich (FULL VIDEO 12-06-11)

Here is Newt Gingrich in an interview today with Glenn Beck. Notice how defensive and frustrated Newt sounds during the interview, I WONDER WHY?

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Anonymous said...

Newt is toast. This guy is pretending to have the tea party principles. TPiers are fools for buying what this guy's selling.

FastFacts said...

Right after this interview Glenn beck had Bachmann on and she called him a 'Frugal Socialist': http://www.thedailycandidate.com/video/2011/dec/bachmann_gingrich_socialist.html

Lionhead said...

@ FastFacts, Yes, Bachmann has coined a delightful phrase, "Frugal Socialist" that truly describes all RINO, big gov't, we have solutions to all your problems with new programs, laws, or regulations.

Let's face facts here & rename the current political parties. The democrats become the Socialist/Marxist to the Max Party, aka, SMM. Big gov't, centralized planning, entitlements & welfare for all. We will buy your vote with 'free stuff.'

The RINO republicans will be the Corporatist/Oligarch/Facist Party. The GOP now morphs into the COF party. The nation's elites will be in charge of every facet of your life only in a smaller scale, aka, the "frugal socialist" way. The COF will maintain the status quo, but trim around the margins of the progressive agenda to try & avoid the inevitable collapse both SMM & COF will suffer when the money runs out.

The third party will be the Conservatives. Now, fancy that. No more struggle with the RINO progressive folks & not in any way connected to the progressives of either the SMM or COF parties, both of which will never truly enjoy a majority anymore. Let each voter pick their party by choice. There will be no need to compromise to shoehorn the conservatives into a party that will never faithfully represent them.

Anonymous said...

Lionhead, maybe you should change your sobriquet to "Peabrain" instead.

Having three parties does not work well in the American political system. We are not a parliamentary system, so winner takes all. What we end up with is no one who wins a majority of the votes.

I support Romney, and I am not a RINO. I just admire someone who has had a repeated record of success in both his public and private life. I believe he has the ability to become a great president.


Lionhead said...

@AZ Please refrain from making ad hominum comments sir. If you admire Romney fine, I don't, but I don't disparage him. Please return the same courtesy in your remarks.