Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gingrich is a Gay, Pedophile, Socialist, Fascist, Islamist Devil Worshiper

Am I missing anything?

If there is one thing that Gingrich has taught us over the years is that words and terms have no meanings. Gingrich uses language as a weapon to blow away his opponents. Truth is only an obstacle in an effort to meet political objectives.

Enter case point 4,580.
Recent comments by Mitt Romney in which he contemplates a Value-Added Tax and Co-Insurance are becoming fodder for his rival presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s campaign, which has taken to calling Romney a “Massachusetts moderate” and now says Romney has looked at “European Socialist ideas.”
At least he got the European part right. A value added tax is popular in Europe. Not sure if it is socialist though. Actually, I am sure. It is not. Regardless, don't hold your breath because I am sure next week we will find out that Newt supported it a year ago. That's why he can't really tag Romney's health care reform as "socialist" because he was effusively praising it right before he decided to run for President. This is ironic because most of the ignoramuses that try to label the multi-millionaire venture capitalist as Karl Marx reincarnate usually lead with his past health care positions. But Newt can't do that because he loved individual mandates back when loving individual mandates was what the cool kids did. So he is stuck with using Romney's half-hearted and flippant comments about possibly having a VAT as proof that a man who Obama will portray as a creature of Wall Street is really a pinko, egalitarian-loving commie.

I am grateful for Newt because he is proof that those who live by the sword eventually perish by their own devices. Normally, it would be sad to watch a pathetic man fail at yet another attempt at relevance. But with Newt, I will gleefully watch him flounder and collapse. It will give me a great sense of joy knowing that the very bomb-throwing rhetoric that he so often deploys will be the same mechanism that prevents him from ever getting close to decision-making power in our government.

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Teemu said...

Value added tax is a form of consumption tax, consumption taxes are the favorite taxes of many libertarians and conservatives, Fair Tax, etc.

Anonymous said...


It is hard to feel sorry for such a man as this.

The hypocrisy of anyone supporting him is damaging the Party.

Hopefully, Romney can win and remind people what honesty looks like.

Anonymous said...

Great post Pablo...Being reminded of Newt's true character has been very enlightening the last two months.

With Newt, we get a nominee who will dominate the headlines with not only his baggage being drug out daily, but the conservative media would have to constantly argue for the validity in Lunar Colonies, Space Mirrors, civillian courts determining which illegals get to stay, cracking down on Judicial activism, Brain science, the evils of venture capitalists, the Palestinians are just an invented people, "conservative" solutions to global warming, a 15% tax rate for the richest on and so forth.

The man cannot stay on message and provide an overarching reason for his Presidential campaign other than "I'm fundamentally the most intellectual candidate and I have the solution to every problem."


Machtyn said...

A VAT discussion would be very intriguing. I'm not sure I favor it. It may be an onerous tax on the poor and middle class. Similar to Cain's 9-9-9 plan. Sure it relieves the wealthy, but at the same time it is an increase on the poor/middle classes.

I am not advocating a class warfare here. Look at the tax system like a balance beam. Currently, our tax system is imbalanced. The poor pay near zero taxes, the middle are in the middle, and the wealthy pay the highest taxes. With a flat tax or VAT, we may lower the taxes, but we are just pushing down one side of the balance beam - it raises the other side.

Yes, my explanation is highly simplistic and fraught with errors. It is one way to look at this.

Tony said...

Mach I agree with you if you are making 90 percent of the money then 90 percent of tax burden should be coming from you.